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Is This You in the Second Act of Your Life?

Would you like to get more new customers, clients and fans for your creative career or business while living a more fun, creative and fulfilling life? Are you over the age of 50 and have a background as an entertainer or artist, such as being an actor, writer, musician and so forth? But have you been faced with the problem in the past of having to work a 9 to 5 corporate job for several years, except now you are at a point where solvency is no longer an issue?

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Or maybe you are a successful small business owner, and although you love your business, you dream of a more creative future? If either of these things sounds like you, you might want to consider checking out the online arts and entertainment organization known as “Over 50 Creative.” Plus, in the process of doing so, you’ll also get an informative free eBook in three parts as well as will be subscribed to a useful weekly digital marketing newsletter.

Solving the Problem of Wanting a More Creative Lifestyle

“Over 50 Creative” is a group that solves the problem for its members who are over 50 and want a more creative, fun and fulfilling life and does so through a unique digital marketing solution that combines your dream of being artistic with the bottom line of being an entrepreneur. We are of course talking about being an ArtisticPreneur.

The Partnership Between Three Organizations on Your Behalf

And the good news is that Over50Creative.com and its parent site ArtisticPreneur.com are able to solve for you your problem of you desiring a more ArtisticPreneurial life with the assistance of MarketingCoalition.com which is another division of ArtisticPreneur.com.

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System

MarketingCoalition.com is a coalition of freelance digital marketers who recognize that in order to solve the problem of wanting a more fulfilling life as an ArtisticPreneur that is both creative and fun, you need to go beyond just having a website and some social media. You need an all-inclusive method and solution which is why MarketingCoalition.com developed The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System.

Working with Winners of Major Awards

So, whether you’re an unfulfilled ArtisticPreneur working a corporate job or are a small business owner wanting a more ArtisticPreneurial approach, The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System solves both of these problems. How? Because it was designed by a guy who has worked with some of the top arts organizations in New York City as well as has either directed or had as clients, actors who have won Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tony’s and Platinum PIAs.

An Affordable, Easy and Life Changing Digital System

And the great news is that for those over 50, The Top 10 Digital Marketing System is extraordinarily affordable and combines all the best digital tools into an extremely simple to use online marketing solution. Using it for your ArtisticPreneurial needs doesn’t feel like work but rather that you are pursuing your passion of being an actor, writer, musician etc. or a creative small business owner.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship Weighs In

One of the reasons that the 10 tools system works so well is because of its proprietary Entertainment Edge that showcases your creativity in a way that EntertainmentEntrepreneurship.com calls:

“An amazing and effective solution for ArtisticPreneurs over the age of 50 who are looking to have a more fun, creative and fulfilling lifestyle that doesn’t feel like work.”

PublicityAlliance.com will Grant Some ArtisticPreneurial Clients with Complimentary Blog Press Coverage

Speaking of blog publications, the Publicity Alliance will grant some clients of the MarketingCoalition.com freelancers, with free blog press. The Publicity Alliance, since 2011, has been helping ArtisticPreneurs like you get online publicity for the good work that you are doing for your community and around the world. This alliance and network of over twenty-five participating blogs is known for being one of the ways that nominees are selected for the Platinum PIAs Awards. To qualify for consideration by the Publicity Alliance to write an article about you or have you on as a guest blogger, requires that you have subscribed to The ArtisticPreneur.com Newsletter as well as have read all three eBooks of the downloadable mini eBook series. We do this because we want you to have the knowledge and context of the “Over 50 Creative” perspective.

The Platinum PIAs Awards

Since 2010 the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show has been recognizing ArtisticPreneurs like you for the good work you are doing locally and internationally. The PIAs philosophy is that you don’t have to be a nonprofit to make a difference in society. You can be a successful for-profit ArtisticPreneur like you and still take home the Crystal Triangle of Artistic Inspiration. To be nominated for a PIA usually requires having an article be written about you or you being a guest blogger in one of the over twenty five blogs in the Publicity Alliance’s network.

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And all this is made possible through the partnership of Over50Creative.com, ArtisticPreneur.com and MarketingCoalition.com who together have authored a free eBook in three parts entitled “How to Promote Your NEW Arts or Entertainment Business. If you’re Over 50,” while in the process of automatically getting the instantly downloadable Part 1, you will also simultaneously be subscribed to the ArtisticPreneur.com Newsletter. Each week through email this newsletter will bring you a new digital marketing tip drawn from working with clients like you or on other Artisticpreneurial projects of interest.

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And don’t forget that if you’re over 50 and want to take control of your life, then subscribe now to your ArtisticPreneur.com eBook and get your instantly downloadable and no cost eBook. Because remember “There’s no business that’s not in showbusiness.”