Hats Off to Entertainment Entrepreneurship

ArtisticPreneurs now have more control than ever before. They certainly do when it comes to what pages we add as a website. Entertainment Entrepreneurship did a blog entry about this.

Our Hearts Warmed

Even though we don’t know the bloggers from Entertainment Entrepreneurship that well, our hearts were warmed when we just discovered that EntertainmentEntrepreneurship.com has done a post about our content adding strategy.

Site Building Strategy

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is correct when they talk about our blogging and content writing staff adding new topics to our site based on interest. This gauging of public interest is based mostly on feedback we receive from our contact page.

Listening to You

This means that YOU are in control. Let us know what you like thus far and we’ll try to add more of it. Our difficult to reach goal is based on the belief that together we can build a website that is worthy of our namesake, “ArtisticPreneur.”

Thanks Entertainment Entrepreneurship

And finally we wish to thank Entertainment Entrepreneurship for believing enough in us to do a blog entry about our creative process. It is only with support from sites like E.E. that we become inspired to continue.

DigiComArts Offers 10 Promotion Tips

DigiComArts Promotion TIps
One of the most important things you can do for your career or business as an ArtisticPreneur, is to get clients. But how do you do this? ArtisticPreneur.com has located a website where you can find 10 promotion tips to do just that!

DigiComArts seems to be offering more information lately that has to do with promotion and marketing. In their current offering they are outlining 10 quick and easy tips that you can use to advance your career as an ArtisticPreneur!

The 10 tips can be found here.

Celebify Explores What it Means to be an ArtisticPreneur

Celebfy very recently did a blog post about ArtisticPreneur.com. We think they did a good job in that they covered one of the most important concepts in the ArtisticPreneur arsenal.

Celebify Does an Article About ArtisticPreneur.com

This just in, one of our favorite blogs, “Celebify,” just came out with a post about ArtisticPreneur.com as seen on this page. Unfortunately we did not receive the interview request soon enough to send someone from our artist collective to be interviewed. Though, if you read the article, it seems as though they were able to get one of our students to speak on our behalf.

How We Feel About the Blog Post

We like the article because it because it covers an area of becoming successful as an ArtisticPreneur that we think is very important: taking a lot of little steps to then be able to do a big one. We always tell any ArtisticPreneur who works with us that you have to be careful when setting your goals neither too high or too low. Your goal must be achievable and if it is a major goal then be sure to break it down into several sub-goals.

Final Thoughts

In our program you do one sub-goal every month in conjunction with that month’s Digital Marketing Campaign. This is a point clearly explained in the current Celebify entry.


A Shout-Out to the Bronx News NYC

Bronx News NYC
Meet a young woman who was recently featured in the New York Times in conjunction with a terrific event that she produced. Find out more below.

A Fantastic Publication

This is a shout-out to the Bronx News NYC who are doing a great job publicizing positive stories in the Bronx.

BNNYC has a New Story

Their latest story featured is that of Saraciea Fennell who recently produced an absolutely outstanding event called the Bronx Book Festival.

Featured in the New York Times

Saraciea was also recently featured in the New York Times. For a link to the NY Times article and more check out the Bronx News NYC right here.

What Does BigFoot Zombie Really Want?

Celebify BigFoot Zombie
This is one of the most famous photos of BigFoot Zombie (formerly known as just BigFoot pre “Walking Dead”). Is it possible to further celebify BigFoot Zombie in relation to his new career direction? Please read this post and form your own opinion.

Is it Possible to Celebify Any Kind of Being?

Getting to the bottom of what BigFoot Zombie really wants is something best left to the creators of the website BigFootZombie.com of which we are big fans. BigFootZombie.com claims that BigFoot Zombie wants to become a rock star.

Ownership of Our Digital Domain for Success

The path to become a rock star is something right up our alley since we work with artists of all kinds and small businesses who want more customers, clients and fans.

We weren’t Asked for Our Advice Regarding the Mythical Monster’s Singing Ambitions

We weren’t consulted regarding giving advice to the furry guy to achieve his pop music dream, but we found that the consultants who were spoken to had insights worth considering.

It’s Engaging Tongue Firmly in Cheek Fare

Can you relate? Would you like to be on the world stage vocalizing your heart out? Or maybe you’re a business who could benefit from tunes oriented publicity? Either way we think you’ll find this BFZ post to be interesting and delightful as a recreational  read.

How to Become a YouTuber in 10 Steps

Artist Steps
Are you an artist of any kind or a small business owner who wants a simple no cost way to promote yourself and your business? Then keep reading for a possible solution.

The Question

We are told by our friends at Artist Steps that they get asked almost every day the question:  “what are the best steps to become successful as an artist?”

The Challenge

The inherent difficulty here is that the term “artist” can mean any art form. And each art form has its own unique steps to take to become successful.

The Solution

Therefore there is not a one size fits all solution. That is unless you use YouTube. Becoming a YouTuber can help you with your artistic career regardless of the kind of artist you are. Why? Because YouTube is a marketing solution unto its own and is based on self promotion which is the keystone for any creative person who wants to build visibility and earn at the same time.

To learn what the 10 steps are to become a YouTuber, please visit the site  ArtistSteps.org.

Strategic Plan for ArtisticPreneur.com

ArtisticPreneur eBook
We never thought that withholding an eBook would start such a commotion. In this blog entry we explore the situation as well as come up with a possible solution.

ArtisticPreneur Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes there has been activity in conjunction with a strategic plan that is being developed by ArtisticPreneur.com for site upgrade which could take 2 months or more to complete. What this will mean to you the user, is that eventually you will have access to educational content regarding audience engagement and development tactics.

The eBook that Started a Ruckus

One of the first educational products we created is an eBook entitled “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More New Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” Once the eBook was completed the realization set in that we could not release this eBook until the upgrades were complete on the ArtisticPreneur blog which could take over 2 months. But when we withheld the eBook some members of our extended “family” of ArtisticPreneurs made it very clear that they were upset with the choice to not release the eBook yet.

ArtisticPreneur.com Takes Responsibility for eBook Delay

In the long run we plan on having more than one PDF eBook at a time on the upgraded ArtisticPreneur site. We believe that we’ll be able to provide a unique twist on the communications process through our eBooks. We will always make certain to test the ideas out ourselves before condensing them down into a digital product. All this and more once we are able to also provide the digital tools that can be used in conjunction with eBook information.

Digital Tools and Site Upgrade

Here at ArtisticPreneur we are going as quickly as we can to create a new set of low and no cost Digital Marketing Tools as well as do upgrades to our site itself.

Waiting for Tools to Be Available

You may have seen the recent post on the Art Gush website called “Digital Tools Muse to the Rescue.” Although we feel badly for not having yet published the eBook, we believe strongly that it is best to wait until the low and no cost Digital Marketing Tools are available.

We Want Readers to Have Access to Tools if they Need Them

Of course some eBook readers are going to want to create the tools themselves, but for those who do not have that skillset we want to give them options so they can quickly implement whichever of the 5 steps that they want to.

Working Hard

Equipping the ArtisticPreneur site with Digital Download capabilities while simultaneously upgrading the ArtisticPreneur site plus eventually making 10 Digital Marketing Tools available is a lot more work than one would think.

When is it Going to Happen?

Although we are being pushed for an estimated one, we still don’t have an  ETA. And by the way ETA not only stands for Estimated Time of Arrival but is also is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet plus ETA is the seventh star in the constellation.

Working to Visually Match our Global Vision in a Fun Way

And speaking of the constellation you may have noticed that we’ve been experimenting with new images on our homepage that better reflect the direction we are going which empowering folks to be able to appear on the global stage online. At the time of this writing you can go here to view the latest homepage image that literally contains the planet Earth. On a mobile phone you’ll only see the globe portion but on a computer you’ll get the full view which reveals that the world is on a literal stage with theater curtains.

Another Possible Plan

Here at ArtisticPreneur.com we do want to say we are extremely grateful for the interest in the eBook. One solution we have come up with is the possible release of another eBook first. In other words we would prioritize getting the store up and could put a different original eBook there. This would give us more time to work on the digital tools. Just a thought. As always please let us know what you think. Thanks!

Yianni Stamas Blog Post on How NOT to Be a Starving Artist

Realize Your Dreams
Realize Your Dreams

New Article Looks at What it is Like to Be an ArtisticPreneur

ArtisticPreneur John Yianni Stamas recently put up an interesting post on his blog entitled “How NOT to Be a Starving Artist.” In the article he details some of the ways that artistic people (who want to have the tools of entrepreneurs) as well as entrepreneurs (who want to be more artistic) have available to them the option to be, what else – an ArtisticPreneur!

Get Your Message Out
Get Your Message Out

The ArtisticPreneur Movement

Stamas also suggested that ArtisticPreneurs become more aware of the digital tools and resources they have available to them. Additionally he looked at the evolving reality of the online ArtisticPreneur community as well as well as briefly touched on the notion of an “ArtisticPreneur Movement.”

Going Past Social
Going Past Social

How to Join the Movement Going Past Social

Here at ArtisticPreneur.com we get asked all the time about how to become a part of the ArtisticPreneur Movement, as in which social media sites should they go to. And what we suggest to these inquiries is that although the movement is online, it is not being done through social media but rather via Digital Marketing (which at times does involve social).

New eBook is Coming!
New eBook is Coming!

New eBook

And finally “John Yianni” briefly brings up the topic of the eBook that everyone has been asking about, which has the working title of “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” Stamas apparently has completed the eBook but it is not yet up on Art Gush as a purchasable item.

Check Out Your Eligibility
Check Out Your Eligibility

New eBook May Soon Also be Available for FREE!

Secret Alert. It is not so much a secret as the ability to be patient, but we’ve heard that the book will initially be offered as an affordable digital download, but later may be used as a free download for those who are subscribed to the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter! Stay tuned!

You can check out John Yianni Stamas’ post here.

Celebify Means the Process by which You Become Famous and Are Considered a Celebrity

Walk the Celebify Red Carpet
Would you like to walk the Celebify red carpet? Is fame attainable for you? If you want to be a celebrity, why do want to? The constant adulation? Or maybe to make a difference in the world?

How do You Utilize Celebify?

For those of you who don’t know it, Celebify is a blog that we write for. Its mission is to examine the Celebify process that one goes through to become better known.

More on the Celebify Process

I’ve had the good fortune to have observed the Celebify Process up close and personal on three separate occasions. These individuals started out as total unknowns. I then participated in the process of them most definitely becoming the “C” word.

Anyhow, Celebify.com is a place you can go to, to get more information on this topic.

We’re Going to Link You to an Article

There’s a recent article on the topic of “Celebify” that you might be interested in. It was written by us in a tongue in cheek manner, so hopefully you’ll at least get a chuckle or two.

The ArtisticPreneur Need

Are you creative and artistic in the business world, or maybe even an artist of any kind? Do you wish there was a Digital Marketing Blueprint somewhere for being both artistic and an entrepreneur as the same time? If so then you might be interested in the website where you are currently reading this. It’s called. ArtisticPreneur.com.

As ArtisticPreneurs we really could use something simple and fast acting that would facilitate us being able to place our products, services and artistic talent in front of our ideal customers, clients or fans. And thanks to the Internet, Digital Marketing has offered us some pretty remarkable solutions in this regard.

But What About the Link?

Yes. Let’s get you hooked up with that article entitled “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps.” Enjoy.