For Those of You Who Want to Promote Yourselves You are Going to Like This

What are the top 10 methods to promote yourself if you’re on a budget? There’s a new article on the Art Gush website that claims to have the answer. Also contained in the piece is a warning about publicizing yourself online. We agree. Celebify yourself at your own risk. The post so rightly states that once you pass the line into the path toward being a public figure, it is very hard to turn back. So we suggest to you that you analyze now why you want fame. Please do so before clicking here. Ask yourself if you are doing this for business reasons such as promoting an online store, or are you doing so in the search of adulation. It of course can be a combination of both. Though, if the primary motivation is that you want the attention, it might behoove you to ponder the loss of privacy that will happen and not click on the link. It’s of course entirely up to you. We know you’ll make the right choice.

Discover Your Audience

Get to Know Your Audience

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

More than ever knowing who your audience is and how to reach them is as important as ever. In this, the digital age, there should no longer be the wasteful spending of the old guard of marketing and a newer and fresher approach should be used instead. That is what we are going to discuss in this current blog and newsletter offering.

Save Yourself Time, Aggravation and Even Money

To start out with, think of it this way. Have you been considering lately what marketing approach is going to be best for you? If so, stop thinking about the tools and contemplate instead WHO is YOUR audience. Until you are clear on this inside and out all the marketing gadgets in the world are not going to help you.

A Great Tool

Do your research before you start paying for marketing. There are a lot of great tools out there including Google! Google what you know thus far about your audience and follow through on searches leading you to other ones and more. The idea is to not just understand who your GENERAL audience is but your SPECIFIC one.

A Source of Research

Once you get a handle on your audience, dig still deeper. Look at what your competition is doing in terms of targeting their audience. If you see strategies that resonate with you, consider integrating them in your own way. Remember, in the end it’s all about how YOU are DIFFERENT from the rest. What is your competitive advantage? Why would a customer, client or fan want to go with you rather than another?

Who Are They?

If you want to do what pro marketers do, then create a profile of who your ideal client is. Put in as much information as possible into it in a way that is going to be helpful to you. What is their age? Their hobbies? Their belief systems? And so on.

Keep Learning

And the great thing is that as you get clearer on your ultimate customer, as well as applying relevant and well fitting marketing, you will begin to get actual clients. As you get clients, analyze who they are. Are they from your perfect audience? Maybe not, which likely means you are going to want to update your profile.

The Journey

In short, finding your perfect audience and marketing to them is a long and ongoing journey filled with learning and even fun!

Monetize Your Life

Income Generating

My brother Mark, who is a website and marketing guy like I am, calls it: “Monetizing Your Life.” It’s roughly described as being the act of taking the elements of your existence and converting them into a way of creating income.

All it takes is Motivation

In a certain sense this relates to living your life in a state of reality-based TV, except all your dramatic moments become a products or services. Clearly someone with a web marketing process background is probably best suited for this, but in truth it can be done by anyone who is self-aware and motivated.

If Kim can Do It So Can YOU

Why would anyone want to turn their drama into consumer problems to be solved for which you offer the solution, for a price? In theory it could be an interesting lifestyle that you might enjoy. And there are examples of people who do this such as Kim Kardashian and other reality stars with their lifestyle brands.

Problems Become Solutions

But if you are interested in monetizing your life you don’t have to do it like reality stars do. You can turn your problems into solutions for others in the form of eBooks.

Bundle Your Conflicts

Ebooks are easy to create and sell online, and there is a big market for them. If you wanted to do this as a monetizing your life process, this would involve taking every conflict that comes up in your life and making something concrete out of it to put out there as a PDF for others to purchase. But the key is to do so quickly! Like this blog/newsletter post you are reading that was written in less than a half an hour!

Who Would Have Thought Selfies Could Become “Ka-ching?”

Why would anyone in her or his right mind want to do this? It could be fun especially if you’re the kind of individual who puts every last bit of her or his being on Facebook complete with selfies and hyped up descriptions of “exciting” things that happen to you.

Giving the People What They Want

Simply take those impulses and make eBooks out of them that solve a problem for the consumer. You can still put your selfies online in the form of photos or video, but now you do it with something that folks can buy.

Anyone Out There Who is Doing This?

If you monetize your life we’re very interested in talking to you. Please send details to Meanwhile, even if you don’t, why not give it a whirl? Worst case scenario you might end up with an eBook that doesn’t sell, but heck, in that instance you can contact me (simply hit “reply” if you’re reading this as a newsletter) or Mark (at Off Media) to assist you in marketing (MARKeting) it!


Why Have an Online Newsletter?

Do You Feel You MUST Have a Newsletter?

Many businesses and artists are told to have email newsletters. But why have one? It depends on what you are you trying to achieve.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for Newsletters?

Logic could reveal that people aren’t interested in receiving email newsletters but in fact studies reveal that more people WANT to receive email newsletters as opposed to people who DO NOT want this form of correspondence.

Can You Get Clients with a Newsletter?

If you’re doing a newsletter you need to be upfront about your motives. For example, for my newsletter it’s a kind of “giving back” thing. Sure I’d love to get clients through doing it, but the fact is that I would do a newsletter regardless of getting any clients or not!

Triple Types of Subscribers

There are basically three different types of people who will subscribe to your newsletter: (1) those who will never buy your products or services (2) those who will always buy them and (3) those who are on the fence and could go either way.

Nurture Your Readers

Be careful to provide content of value or your subscriber will unsubscribe. But even if this happens, it’s not the end of the world. It just means one less person who wasn’t rooting for the team (whatever that means, I shouldn’t be trying to use sports metaphores because I’m a juggler).

Credibility from Having a Newsletter?

You can use newsletters to get more people to believe that you are credible. Of course you need to be credible. If you’re not credible then best not strive to achieve credibility. I just wanted to see how many times I could write the word credible and it’s variations.

Other Uses of Your Email Newsletter

Another fun and useful thing about newsletters is that you can use them to test marketing ideas. For example, I’m often not quite sure what to use as the subject line because interest by your list of subscribers can change. So for us it’s never quite clear what is going to get someone to actually open an email. I try to be as on-topic as I can be because there’s nothing worse than someone expecting one thing from the subject line and the when opening and reading the newsletter they get disappointed.

How Timely are Email Newsletters?

Some “experts” say that email newsletters are going to go out soon. Interestingly enough, many people have email on their phones. So this means you can reach people on their mobiles! Seven or so years ago everyone thought the rave for advertising was going to be text messages. But that didn’t work out quite like that. Email newsletters won the battle!

Tip on Publicity


The Publicity Tip is to Get to Know Bloggers

Getting publicity is easier than you think. Of course, everyone knows that if you want to get blog publicity it’s a good idea to get to know bloggers. Makes sense, right? But it’s not that simple. Or is it? All it takes to test the waters is to shoot an email to the blogger or find her or him on social media. Only contact people whose blogs you honestly like then tell them how much you enjoy their work. Sometimes it’s good to be bold and to straight out let them know that you’ve written an article that is on the same topic that they blog about. In short, you are offering to be a guest blogger.

 ArtisticPreneur and the Publicity Alliance

 One of the departments of the Collective is known as the, a URL that forwards to a page on the website. Publicity Alliance consists of an alliance of publicist bloggers who blog on several different websites including itself. The Publicity Alliance prides itself on its mission and commitment to help advance the ArtisticPreneurial “movement and cause” by building visibility for ArtisticPreneurs, especially those who are making a difference in their communities and even the world.

 How Can Receiving Publicity Lead to an Awards Nomination?

 It is an unspoken truth that folks who appear in the pages of the broadcast partners of Publicity Alliance are often on the short list for being nominated for the Annual Platinum PIAs. The PIAs is a community awards show for artisticPreneurs that since 2010 has been recognizing ArtisticPreneurs who are community builders as well as people of inspiration just like you.

 So get to know a blogger today!

Share Your Creative Process

Be Willing to Share

Yes, there are large ArtisticPreneurial changes in the house! The site figuratively moved to a much higher place this past week in terms of serving you, the ArtisticPreneur. There are changes on the surface as well as below the surface and they all come together in the form of one great big concept. This concept is “Sharing your work-in-progress process.” This notion also corresponds with the digital marketing tip for this week which is the suggestion to “Be willing to share your work-in-progress process.”

What Does “Media” Really Mean?

Digital marketing is a part of this idea in that when you are willing to share your work-in-progress process, it is going to be most effective if you use media to document it. The word “Media” in this era of social, tends to connote to the average listener that you mean social media. Social media can certainly be a part of it, but what the word really means is “Media” as in the press, and “Media” as in different mediums (psychics excluded pun intended).

A Domain that Takes You Places

Last week we put into action this week’s tip and suggestion to “Be willing to share your work-in-progress process” We did so by taking a major leap of faith with the website. And here, right now, we are willingly sharing our work-in-progress process. There are three major things that we did in conjunction with the site. The first is changing the menu names. The second is creating new content. And the third is registering domains to take the user directly to a specific page in on the site.

Too Many Words

There’s actually lot’s more left to share, but it is going to have to wait until next week.

The Takeaway

The takeaway here in regards to the tip is that when you’re willing to share your work-in-progress process, people will listen. As humans we love stories so please tell yours!

Thanks for Your Input

Happy New Year ArtisticPreneurs. You gave use very helpful feedback and we thank you. Now the question: are Millennials in a fight against Gen-X-ers? Will Boomers sweep in and declare victory?

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

It’s New Year’s Eve, 20018 and one of the things we are thankful for while entering 2019 is YOU. Your input makes this blog better. Thanks to those ArtisticPreneurs who participated in conjunction with the request from last week. It’s like one big family here in ArtisticPreneurLand. You had some very good ideas which have been integrated. Now the question is, do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

This Week’s Tip

This week’s Digital Marketing Tip is that getting constructive feedback is very useful when working on creative projects. I highly recommend it. Why does it work? Because other people see things that you don’t do to the fact that you’re too attached. Maybe consider getting feedback on your current ArtisticPreneurial endeavors.

A New Page

If you want to see the new page that you helped to create then just go to and click on the menu item called “Over50Creative.” Or another way to get there is to type into your browser and it will forward you to the page on the site. This is the start of rolling out the “Over 50” project that we have under consideration. I didn’t know until I did the research that “Over 50” is a “thing.” But apparently a “thing” mostly in Long Island and parts of New Jersey. But a “thing” nonetheless. Why ist being over 50 not much of a “thing” here in Manhattan NY, NY?

Gen X Versus the Boomers

Gen X-ers (1961 – 1981) who are on the older side, are quick to let you know that they are Generation X not to be confused with those “Boomers.” And to make things even more tense, some people say the GX birth date range starts from 1961 and not 1965 so there is possibly an area that they overlap with the Boomer folks.

Returning to Your Original Creative Dream

What does this have to do with the “Over 50 Creatives?” The logic and theory is that those who are over 50 (in NJ and LI) may have been working at corporate jobs to make ends meet, but now that they are more comfortable and in their ‘50’s, it becomes the time to want to live out their original dream such as being writers, actors and musicians etc. Who knows, these individuals might have something very important artistically to contribute.

For Some, Entrepreneurship is an Ambition

This also goes for “Shark Tank” viewers who are over 5 decades old. Some people who are over 50 feel like they never got their shot at doing a small business. So now they will put on their entrepreneur hat or maybe even their ArtisticPreneur one.

You Go 50ish-ers

What do you think? Is there a group out there who are over the age of 50 and who now want to realize the artistic goals that they once had with themselves? And who knows, if this is the case, maybe some of these humans can give the Millennials (1982 – 2004) a run for their money and even set a good example for the up and coming Generation Z kids (1995 – 2015).

Enter “The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System”

The reason we’re exploring those who are over 50 is because we think that our new Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System, because of its ease of use, might be a good fit for them. We’ll see. Meanwhile, we hope that you have a wonderful 20019 and we look forward to many more collaborations!

Happy New Year and ArtisticPreneurially yours,


Prelaunch Insider Preview


Are you an “Over 50 Creative?”

I am. And even if you’re not, the following may still be of interest to you because it involves entertainment market research, informal in style. We’re calling it “Prelaunch Insider Preview” meaning you have an opportunity, if you so desire, to view a marketing campaign page in progress.

More Details About “Over 50 Creative”

Last week we promised to go into more detail regarding the topic “Over 50 Creative” so in this edition of the Newsletter we are going to make good on our word.

Over 50 Crowd

If you’ve been following this story over the past few newsletters, we’re working on a project that involves the over 50 crowd. This is only a test. We’re not committing until we have evidence that pursuing this market is worth our time.

New Demographic?

What we haven’t disclosed until now is that we are exploring the possibility of an untapped market within the existing “Over 50” demographic.

Maintaining Secrecy

We’re not linking to the secret area where the test page is being created because we desire to maintain as much secrecy as possible until the official launch which has not yet been set. There is still much work to do.

Looking for Feedback

Therefore we’re asking that whoever is interested in taking a look at the page and giving us your feedback, please email us by hitting return and putting “Feedback” in the subject line. If you aren’t already a member of the newsletter, you can sign up here.


We’re especially interested in hearing back from those of you who wear the numeric digits “5” and “0” or higher.

Special Group

We will then email you back the URL so you can take a look. Of course, if you receive this newsletter you are a part of a pretty special group so chances are you’ve already figured out the URL anyway (as some already have). If so, if you’re willing, we’d still like to get your feedback.

Is it the Right Fit for Over 50?

Mainly what we’re interested in is if the new work in progress page does justice to 50-plus-ers, or if it seems too cheesy or might even be off putting to fifty somethings.

This Week’s Digital Marketing Tip

This week’s “Digital Marketing Tip” is that market research is a really important thing. And getting your feedback regarding the page is vital.

Thanks in advance if you do decide to participate.

All the best. And if not before, we’ll see you next year.


ArtisticPreneur “Secret” Revealed


Mystery to be Revealed

Sorry about being so mysterious last week. I try to create useful content for you, the ArtisticPreneur, drawing from actual digital projects that we are working on. And I have a superstition about not wanting to reveal something until it is up and running. But today I am going to break that rule to share something I’ve been putting time into.

Crucial to Determine for ArtisticPreneurs

It might not seem to be such a big deal, but it really is. I’m talking about knowing who your audience is. Who are the people who are most likely going to be appreciative of whatever you do? Whether you’re an artist of any kind or a business owner who is creative, it is crucial to identify your peeps so that you can get more customers, clients and fans.

What is YOUR Avatar?

I have to admit, I’ve been guilty about being too general regarding the demographic I’ve wanted to connect with. When working with others such as on this newsletter, I’ve always seen the “avatar” as being defined by one word. You guessed it: ArtisticPreneur.

Build Profile

Thinking about defining your intended group can be deceptive though. You may believe you are doing so, but are you getting the results you seek? Last week the thing that I was working on that I didn’t want to talk about was that I undertook building a profile of who I wanted to reach.

Can be Customized for YOUR Use

I am oh so grateful to you, a regular reader, for sticking with this weekly digital exploration. And please don’t take offense if the description of the audience that was uncovered by me is not you. Because it goes without saying that any strategies we reveal here can be custom applied to your needs.

Is There a Safe Path?

Okay, I’m getting ready to jump into the water. Before I get soaking wet though, I should explain how I landed on this particular collective of targeted humans. They say you need to look into the mirror once in a while. And when I did recently I saw starring back at me  a man who is creative and has had some major opportunities early in his career but never took them on and instead went down the safer path.

How are We the Same?

And the breakthrough that I had as I starred into the metaphorical looking glass, is that there are likely a lot of over folks out there, both female and male (or however you self identify), who I could understand very easily because we may, over the years, have experienced some of the same difficult decisions as well as pop culture and other elements.

Have You Had Any Lost Opportunities?

Now this doesn’t mean we’re going to transform this newsletter into one that is just for people over 50 who are creative and have had lost opportunities, but it does mean on occasion we may give you updates on how the project is going. So I leave you now with three words that are the key to the secret revealed: “Over 50 Creative.” Stay tuned. More to come.

A Frustrating Secret

secret in heart
The secret is in our heart but that doesn’t keep it from being frustrating. We promise we’ll turn the key and open the door soon.


Searching for a Marketing Topic

This is actually our second attempt at writing this week’s newsletter and blog post. We started down the path of another concept, but when we reread it, it did not appeal to us. So here we are on a Thursday morning, the usual day for delivery as of late, and we’re still battling with deciding what to write about.

Appealing or Off Putting?

We don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but lately our focus has been to draw directly from the digital marketing projects we’re currently working on. And this edition is no different. The problem with the current topic we want to examine is that it is a “secret.” We know, that word is a double edged sword. It can be either be appealing or off putting. Frankly we usually opt with the latter.

Should We Open Pandora’s Box?

But in fact it is a secret. Why? Because we’re not sure yet we’re going this direction in the form of a new web page on the website. Adding this page could mean a big change in the organization, but first it would have to be tested. We believe that there is a certain untapped market that we might open Pandora’s box for. Unfortunately the untapped market is a secret also.

We Hope You’re Not Losing Your Patience Too Much

You’re probably losing your patience with the whole “Secret” thing. We dislike it also and find it frustrating. But we truly cannot reveal what it is today and need to wait for next week, by which time hopefully the mystery of the market will be uncovered like a magician pulling a silk (magician’s term for foulard) away from the table to uncover that a new object has appeared from nowhere. Is this idea we’re thinking of doing coming from nowhere? No. Why? Because it’s founded in who we are and what we do.

Wrapping it Up

In closing, we promise next week won’t be so trying because we’ll reveal the new market even if we decide not to tap it. Additionally, the lesson we learned from writing this is that in the world of digital marketing sometimes you have to keep something secret even if you don’t want to.

Until then, all the best.