December 2018
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Look above and you will see a calendar. Time is flying by. Today is the day to make a commitment to yourself that you will focus on your career as an ArtisticPreneur to attain the results that you deserve.

Being an ArtisticPreneur means creating your own opportunities. No more waiting at the gate for the gatekeeper to let you in. Now you let yourself in with proactive ArtisticPreneur strategies.

Also, marketing is very important for ArtisticPreneurs which is why we offer low or no cost Digital Marketing Solutions.


Which Type

are You?

Are you an ArtisticPreneur? What is an ArtisticPreneur? There are two main categories. The first category is someone who is a small business owner and is creative. Secondly, an ArtisticPreneur can be a person who is an artist of any kind who also thinks like an entrepreneur. And then there are 11 subcategories of ArtisticPreneurs represented by emojis. You can take the ArtisticPreneur Emoji Type (also known as E.A.T.) Quiz on this website.

Preview of ArtisticPreneur Emojis

Search within yourself to discover whether you are an ArtisticPreneur yourself. Every day to shows like “Shark Tank” people who are creative are committing to the ArtisticPreneur lifestyle which puts you, the creative, in charge.

Our marketing strategies help you not only succeed with your campaigns, but also in the process assist you in making a difference in your community.

Take it to the Next Level

If you’re like a lot of folks who are creative and own a business or are an artist of any kind looking to also be an entrepreneur, chances are the you are facing walls in terms of achieving your goals. A way to get past this is through digital marketing. The kind of digital marketing we do does not involve stress producing social media but rather consists up to 10 digital tools to get what you want. And, if you are already using social media platforms to promote yourself, the Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools from dovetail nicely with your existing social.

ArtisticPreneurs achieve their dreams

If you're pursuing a creative path and are not an ArtisticPreneur, you will not survive in the modern age.

- Celebify