How to Get New Customers Using Podcasts and Blogs

Getting New Customers is Easy if You Know How
Getting New Customers is Easy if You Know How

We designed as well as currently manage 29 blogs for which we bring on guest bloggers as well as interviewees. A question we often get asked again and again by ArtisticPreneurs is “How do you get new customers, clients and fans?”

Subsequently, this is the first installment in a five part blog entry series for ArtisticPreneurs on the topic of “How to Get New Customers.”

In this week’s course we examine in our bullet point list the step by step approach of using Podcasts and Blogs to increase your reach. All it takes is a little bit of preparation and you can bring in lots of fresh clients and fans.

As with everything artisticpreneurial, you need to be clear on who your audience is. The great thing is that the clearer you are about this, the more likely you are to uncover customers who are a perfect fit for your services and products.

As an ArtistPreneur you need to be able to monetize what you do. It makes no sense to bring in buyers who aren’t in the market for what you do. In this week’s bullet point step by step tutorial of “How to Get New Customers” we discuss how to reach your perfect customer, client or fan.

And in keeping with the topic of promotions, today we are trying out a new slogan for our ArtisticPreneur blog, newsletter and freelance business that we think more accurately describes what we do. It is “Web Designing, Digital Marketing and Blogging Services for Creative People Who Own a Business or Want to Start One.”

We specialize in creating WordPress blogs and if you don’t want to write your own blog entries we have content-making services as well. In short, we’re an online one stop creative marketing solution for creative people. Hey, I didn’t get my B.A. in Media Entrepreneurship and my (soon to be) M.A. in Arts Management for nothing.

Now that the commercial is done (yes even in blogs and newsletters there are commercials) sigh) without further ado, let’s empower you to dive right into your big, beautiful pool of new customers, clients and fans.

• Who, what, where, how – this can be a starting point for how to get clients. First look at who you are, what is your company and what is the solution to a problem that you supply to clients?
• In short, design a paragraph that answers the “who” question that is going to be desirable to your perfect client.
• Be sure to also answer what you stand for, what are your beliefs?
• Get clear on what kind of service or product your company or you offer.
• Make sure on your website is what you do and what you are about.
• So you need to be aware of what your clients want and what their pain points are.
• What is it that is painful to them that they want relief from?
• Chances are your future clients spend time online reading blogs, listening to podcasts, visiting videos and so forth. Instead of focusing on all these things (although they are important) you need to do the “where” and go to where your clients are. Make a list of all the podcasts that you think your clients will listen to.
• Now make a list of all the YouTube channels that you think your clients watch.
• Also make a list of all the chat rooms your clients frequent.
• Regarding podcasts be sure to focus on the ones with the most listeners. Your goal now is to become a guest on those podcasts.
• The reason is that you are going to position yourself as an authority.
• Next you want to go to the blogs on your list as well as other categories you’ve collected and become an authority on them. How? By contacting the person in charge and providing them with links to what you do.
• Why does being featured in other people’s media work? It is because you have validated yourself as an expert and someone people your future clients can trust.
• Prepare a list of some of your talking points. And/or find out if you can get a list of questions to be asked.
• Have you put together an email collecting system on your website? If not, it is suggested you do it now.
• This means having a free eBook that your future clients can get in exchange for providing you with their email address. You will mention this book on all the categories you have collected contact data for.
• When on a podcast or other kind of media, first do the interview and solve people’s problems and toward the end offer your book.