What a Slider Can Do for You


A Slider is a Digital Marketing Tool

In this week’s marketing tip we are going to take a look at what a slider is, how to use it and what it can do for your artisticpreneurial business or career.

Sliders are Everywhere

If you’re not quite sure what a slider is, chances are you’ve seen them in action without really knowing it. Have you noticed that quite a few websites these days now have multiple large images on the homepage, each picture being shown one at a time automatically? Well my friend that’s a slider!

Achieve Your Goals with a Slider

And the good news is sliders can help you achieve your goals. If you put a slider on the front of your website you can more easily describe to the visitor what the benefits are of clicking as well as what they will get in return. Because it is a moving thing, it tends to catch the eye more quickly.

Give Your Web Visitor a Gift

And it’s a good idea if your slider doesn’t just stress a benefit for the visitor such as clicking through to read an article. It’s also a results oriented strategy to actually GIVE them something they can download instantly such as a PDF eBook that is on a topic of interest to your niche audience.

Check out Our Slider

And as luck would have it, we just put a slider up on our website ArtisticPreneur as can be seen here. We did so to get more folks to sign up for our ArtisticPreneur.com Newsletter and it’s working like a charm.

For Those of You Already Receiving Our Newsletter

If you are already a member of our newsletter and want to give our new slider a spin to see how it works, unfortunately the email acquisition system knows that you are already on our email list so it won’t send you the email to download the eBook entitled: “35 Easy Tips for ArtisticPreneurs to Get New Customers & Fans Online.”

A Special for Our Existing Subscribers

For this reason, for the next week, if you are one of our existing subscribers and you want the eBook, just hit return on the slider email and we’ll send you one. Otherwise, you might just be interested in checking out what the slider looks like and how the succession of images lead to a CTA (Call to Action). So if you’d like to see it click here.

If It’s Good Enough for Bill Gates


You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is King” meaning that the words and their structure as well as how images are labeled has an impact on you getting ranked on search engines for certain keywords. But do you know how the term first appeared? It turns out that Bill Gates, known for starting Microsoft wrote a report in 1996 entitled, you guessed it – “Content is King.” Here’s what he had to say about the future of the web way back in ’96:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

And here we are today doing exactly what Bill Gates predicted. Which brings us to our digital marketing tip for this week which is that “writing is rewriting” and therefore to not be afraid to rewrite and add pictures and words to your existing pages. In other words, words can evolve (pun intended). An example of this is on this very website. Our “Collective” page has evolved into being a “Marketing Coalition” one.

We did this because we wanted to add to the page our “Top 10 Reasons for Working Together.” And since our page’s extension had been changed from “collective” to “marketing coalition” we deleted the old collective page and forwarded it to the new one. This is because we knew the page has been indexed by Google and we didn’t want the search engine links to go to a 404. So now the page automatically forwards from “collective” to “marketing coalition.”

Sorry for getting a bit technical there, but the main point intended is that as you upgrade content, even if you want to rename a page, there are the tools to do it! Meanwhile our new page is ranking even better than our prior one, so content really is king!


Is your website not enough?

Social media not helping much?

If you’re like many ArtisticPreneurs, then you’re probably not happy with the results you’re currently getting from your website and social. You need the free eBook entitled ‘The NO Social Strategy.’ To get yours first subscribe to our newsletter and then when you get your first email, hit ‘return’ and request eBook. It’s that simple!

Quiz Answers Your Burning Question

A quiz that answers your burning question? What is that inquiry? It is of course “What kind of ArtisticPreneur are you?” By answering just 10 quick, fun and easy questions you’ll uncover out of 11 possible outcomes, your Emoji ArtisticPreneur Type (E.A.T.).

Why could this be useful? Because knowing your E.A.T. symbol in theory means that you’ll learn the short and sweet psychological area that you need to work on to become more successful as an ArtisticPreneur with your business or career.

What is your Emoji ArtisticPreneur Type (E.A.T.)?

There’s yet another reason to take the quiz. Why? Because it can give you a sense of what taking a quiz is like that in turn could translate into you posting your very own original quiz on YOUR website!

Quizzes are known to potentially become very viral because of the sharing that can sometimes go along with them. For example, maybe you know someone who would benefit from becoming aware of their E.A.T. sign?!

But enough of all this analysis, it’s time now to take the quiz called “What kind of ArtisticPreneur are you?” You can go to the quiz directly here on the ArtisticPreneur site. Enjoy!