Why Have an Online Newsletter?

Do You Feel You MUST Have a Newsletter?

Many businesses and artists are told to have email newsletters. But why have one? It depends on what you are you trying to achieve.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for Newsletters?

Logic could reveal that people aren’t interested in receiving email newsletters but in fact studies reveal that more people WANT to receive email newsletters as opposed to people who DO NOT want this form of correspondence.

Can You Get Clients with a Newsletter?

If you’re doing a newsletter you need to be upfront about your motives. For example, for my newsletter it’s a kind of “giving back” thing. Sure I’d love to get clients through doing it, but the fact is that I would do a newsletter regardless of getting any clients or not!

Triple Types of Subscribers

There are basically three different types of people who will subscribe to your newsletter: (1) those who will never buy your products or services (2) those who will always buy them and (3) those who are on the fence and could go either way.

Nurture Your Readers

Be careful to provide content of value or your subscriber will unsubscribe. But even if this happens, it’s not the end of the world. It just means one less person who wasn’t rooting for the team (whatever that means, I shouldn’t be trying to use sports metaphores because I’m a juggler).

Credibility from Having a Newsletter?

You can use newsletters to get more people to believe that you are credible. Of course you need to be credible. If you’re not credible then best not strive to achieve credibility. I just wanted to see how many times I could write the word credible and it’s variations.

Other Uses of Your Email Newsletter

Another fun and useful thing about newsletters is that you can use them to test marketing ideas. For example, I’m often not quite sure what to use as the subject line because interest by your list of subscribers can change. So for us it’s never quite clear what is going to get someone to actually open an email. I try to be as on-topic as I can be because there’s nothing worse than someone expecting one thing from the subject line and the when opening and reading the newsletter they get disappointed.

How Timely are Email Newsletters?

Some “experts” say that email newsletters are going to go out soon. Interestingly enough, many people have email on their phones. So this means you can reach people on their mobiles! Seven or so years ago everyone thought the rave for advertising was going to be text messages. But that didn’t work out quite like that. Email newsletters won the battle!