How to Get New Clients

A New Website

For those of you who miss the “Over 50 USA” vibe we wore for a while, there is now a site LITERALLY called We aren’t kidding. Check it out. It’s not that some of us here at are not over 50, we are, but we thought that the “Over 50 USA” thing was taking thunder away from the whole artistic meets entrepreneur or artisticpreneur thing.

A Partnership

But for those of you who are worried that this development means we won’t be working with anymore, worry not. is still one of our most important and meaningful collaborators. Since the team is now just focusing on education and creative consulting, they have become more freed up as partners.

The Development of an eBook

The big project we’re working on with them now is the development of an eBook that will be put out by entitled “How to Get New Customers.” We’re very excited by the promise of this publication which is to help small business owners and artists of all kinds to get more customers, clients and fans for their business and/or career. Including of course those who are over 50!

Say Goodbye to Frustration with Client Acquisition Procedures

“How to Get New Clients” dissects the process as never before. With all the technology that is available, paired with good and stable old school techniques that are evergreen, the eBook will be spot on for those who are frustrated with client acquisition procedures. And we thank Art Gush for their input into making this happen! Their consulting has proven to be invaluable.

New Information is Being Tapped

How are we uniquely equipped to help make this eBook happen? Mainly because we have written on this topic before and have gathered a lot of new information since our last project on the topic.

The Newsletter You Need to be Subscribed To

Also in the news is that the Newsletter that is concerned with “How to Get New Customers,” are buckling down with their weekly emailing on providing actionable steps that work. How do they know they work? Because they test them all out themselves as well as sometimes reveal their process of getting to a particular method. Art Gush is working with them also, helping them getting up and launched on this endeavor which is known as the Newsletter.