Attention Artists: Your Business Side Needs Nurturing Too

Finding Resources

One thing that artists can never get enough of is business resources for the creative entrepreneur within, or shall we say, ArtisticPreneur. There are many programs that help artists with the careers, you just have to look for them in your community. In fact, depending on your financial situation you can even find free stuff. Also, there are websites like Artist Steps that help you stay on track. Additionally, ArtisticPreneurs are recognized for making a difference by awards shows such as Big Apple Awards, formerly known as the Platinum PIAs.

Look for Community

You want to always look for community while seeking out resources. This is because in addition to navigating your artistic and business career, you need to nurture those who can appreciate your work. You could call them fans but we prefer supporters.

Supporters Support

In this addition of ArtisticPreneur we hope to provide you with the tips, guidance, skills, and inspiration necessary to flourish as an ArtisticPreneur. Our mission is to support artists and creative entrepreneurs in their effort to achieve their goals, both with their art as well as from a business standpoint.

One of the First Things You Should Do is Monitor Yourself

Dig down deep. Are you happy or are you tortured. If you are tortured is recommended you get help, because even through there is a myth that tortured artists do the best work, the reality these days is that you need to a positive outlook as you move forward.

Will Having a Manager Solve Your Problems?

An ArtisticPreneur can be an artist who sidesteps the traditional paths to success as an artist and independently sells their art. A creative person with business acumen, is more likely to succeed. Some performing artists seek having management thinking this will solve all their problems.

The Reality of Managers

Having a manager will not solve all your problems. You must understand the business of the artistic expression that you have selected. Why? Because many managers are not so much interested in helping their clients. Instead, they are looking to hook up with someone who is already on the path of success. Why? Because then they can more effortlessly have a cash cow from which to collect profits. Artists need to see the bigger picture as sometimes explored on sites like Artist Steps.

No Conference Plans at the Moment

Many have suggested that we here at ArtisticPreneur start a conference or “trade show” for artistic people to learn how to integrate business know how into their practice so that they have more of an ability to navigate through the issues to attain successes. We here at ArtisticPreneur want you to succeed.

What is Success?

It is truly a myth that an artistic person can’t be successful as an artist and a successful person can’t be creative. This mindset keeps the ArtisticPreneur from moving in her or his career. Although it is nice to be recognized by awards shows like the Big Apple Awards, you need to keep your inner life solid to be able to work through the storms.

Work Smart

A lot of people who are ArtisticPreneurs get stuck with what they are doing. They may take a seminar or class about making money with their craft only to find that many of the strategies don’t work and the depressing (for some) reality that it is not working harder but rather is about working smarter. Yes, we know it is a cliché but it is more true these days than ever.

Marketing Tactic You Might Want to Try!

The tactic below was used recently in conjunction with an over 50 crowd.

Communication is Good

In this post we’re going to take a look at a simple marketing tactic you might want to try. It is not given in actionable steps but in the manner used by Artist  Steps you do so. Also, this is a communication undertaking where everyone wins: the prospects and those doing the implementing! Communication can be a good thing! Communication is key to the development of the Big Apple Awards that helped ArtisticPreneur with this post.

Needs a Trade Show

Here’s how it works. First you write a letter with a somewhat press release feel, that is addressed to the businesses (prospects) who are the exhibiters in a trade show or convention of some sort.

Emails vs Social Media

Get the exhibitors’ info off of the website of the event and do further research if need be to get their email addresses or social info (though emails tend to work best depending on the demographic your are targeting).

Need for a Blog

The thing that makes this different than an exhibitor targeting play is that you place the press release “letter” that you wrote on the website of the blog that is doing the story. Did we mention there is a blog involved? The blog is in the industry that the exhibitors are from. This is important. It is much like the idea that and share an audience so they could help each other out.

Your Story

The idea with the initial outreach you make with the exhibitors is that you are seeking content from the trade show and encourage the vendors to email you back with any pre/during/post stories they have of their own experience of the event. And in some cases, those participating could be nominated for Big Apple Awards if the work they are doing makes a difference in the community.

Mail it Twice

The bottom line is that you need to have a legitimate blog for which you need content. Some exhibitors will respond to you and some of them will not. One thing you can do to up the chances of getting a response from them is to email them the same message you did earlier, just before the happening.

Don’t Forget the Link

And in the same manner as you did the first time you emailed them, you’ll want to link to the blog version of the letter that has all the info on it they’ll need to submit to you.

Always Have Transparency

Again, communication and benefit for all is the key here. The exhibitors get their business publicized and you start to develop relationships with them. There is a transparency to it because of linking to the online version of the letter.

Proven to Work

This works great for us and we’ve done many variations on it including from our days of being a nonprofit sponsored entity.