The Mental Side of Becoming an ArtisticPreneur

Mental Process

The mental process of being a successful ArtisticPreneur is focusing on your positive attributes and not your negative ones. You should be aware of areas you may be lacking in, but don’t use this knowledge to beat yourself up, use it instead as a means of then seeking out the things that you need.

Parts of You Will Always Be Evolving

As hard as it is to do, if you compare yourself to other people you will not be happy. The ultimate goal is only compare yourself, to, well, yourself. Look at how you were creative in the past as compared to now. If you believe your past work was better than your current, surely there is something you are able to now that you do at a higher level than in the past.

Watch Out for Fear

Fear can be the enemy to creativity and can contribute to procrastination. For example, there are those creative people who see themselves as artists of one art form or another, but don’t picture themselves as having an apptitude for business. That’s why not everyone embraces the idea of being an ArtisticPreneur.

Become an Entrepreneur

In such a case you have two choices. Either amp up your business skills through YouTube, classes, mentorship (and more) and being versed in being an entrepreneur.


Another possiblity is getting management and maybe even an agent. It is tough when you are first starting on your creative path to do so. It’s a catch-22 where management will not look at you unless you are successful, whereas when you are first starting out you face the walls.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Another important thing is to take care of yourself in body, mind and spirit. Eat healthy (if you can) and get exercise.

Get Rid of Toxic People

If you have toxic and negative people in your life (this includes even your parents) get rid of them. Who needs them. They are a part of why you procrastinate and fill your head with self doubt.

You Have a Choice

The good news is you have choices about who is in your life as well as your artisticpreneurial work ethic.