Can You Become a Luckier Person?

Is there a Formula for Luck?

Our website and blog, ArtisticPrenneur, was the start of seeking to make “luck” not something that just randomly happens to you, but rather is a reality than can be consciously made. Sometimes this can appear to be difficult because it certainly seems that some people must have the corner on luck. It looks as if there are folks who effortlessly move through life with new successes at every turn. This makes one wonder if there is a formula to be luckier? How can you learn to benefit from having your own luck?

A Belief in Change

People who appear to have luck are really those who put themselves in the right situations at the right time to be able to generate opportunity and then to work hard on what these insights reveal. Whereas someone who may appear to be unlucky could just be a person who is not focused on, nor believes, that change is possible.

An Introvert Opportunity

One recommendation that “luck experts” make is the suggestion to network at parties and events. They say this is because it stands to reason that the more people you know, the more you can open the doors of access to opportunity. This more well might be true, but what about individuals who are not extraverted and are uncomfortable introducing themselves to others. Something that has happened recently in favor of introverts is the cruel and unyielding Pandemic. Why has this given birth to a method of winning for the very shy?

Making Outreach Emailing Work

People who experience trepidation when it comes to meeting people may feel more comfortable about doing outreach procedures by using formats such as emailing to meet new people. For some it is easier to work in the no pressure way of being able to take time with email communications. Email outreach can be a form of cold calling that is maybe a little warmer. The key to getting results is to have a subject line when emailing someone, that resonates with that individual thereby prompting him or her to open it. This is in direct contrast with spam emails with headlines pretending to have been in touch earlier and offer services in the same mundane and non-original way that spammers employ.

Getting Results

We have consistently gotten results from emailing a prospect. The key though is that after the person you are targeting opens your correspondence, it needs to have content that draws them in by showing the recipients that you can solve a specific and painful problem they face in their life or industry. Another factor to keep in mind is that it is a numbers game. You may have to send out a great many personalized emails to get just one response. But chances are that if you offer compelling incentives as well as can come through with your solution’s promise, you can harness this as leading to more results.

Making Your Own Luck

It is a good idea to bond people from your past with whom you currently have or had at one time, a strong, healthy, and positive bond. Chances are that this bond was built on something in common that the two of you possessed and can lead to a wonderful mining of new data. This could help you determine the kind of people who might be most responsive to your offering service and product solutions. One way to determine this is to make a list of all the people who you are currently in contact with you or were in the past. This could be the beginning of a list to help in determining your ideal prospects and audience. This is MAKING your own LUCK!

The Power of Visualization

Another luck making tool is visualization. You may have heard of this term in conjunction with the “New Age” community. Whether of not you feel a connection to this group, visualization is not a tool to be used solely by them because if you think about it, it makes sense that having affirmative thoughts can lead to more prosperity. This is because it can mean that your perception of your life can be more upbeat thereby leading to you seeing the glass half full rather than half empty. This can in turn provide you with a sense of confidence in taking the opportunities presented without having the fear of them not working out. Of course, if you have a lot of negative thoughts it is not an easy outlook to be adopted. So, although you may take on the practice of doing affirming visualization, it is important to simultaneously keep things simple. You might consider asking yourself the question “Since everything happens for a reason how can I see a setback as an opportunity and transform my perception of it?”

Leading Toward a Win

The idea is that if you think of yourself as being lucky, this can lead to more good fortune. The reason for this is that you may not be as prone toward rejecting opportunities out of hand, and instead will act on them, thereby increasing your chances of moving toward a win.