A Valuable Thing

A valuable thing may still be under your control.

To Hire or Not to Hire?

Time has a widespread reputation as being, at times (pardon the pun), priceless. There is never enough of it with our lives and work. Why is that? Chances are that if a person is a business owner, this is a more than fulltime job. So what to do? If you have a small business and have not done it already, it might be time to delegate more. And if you do not have a manager, crunch the numbers and consider hiring one.

The Enticement

Then you can watch over and entrust the big picture needs, to someone else who will then do the breaking it down into smaller tasks, which they will then delegate. This is obvious of course. But, if this approach is taken again and again, at what point do you ever stop scaling?

There is Another Way

You see, there is one breed in this world that does not go by the same rules. They are generally introverted and have made the conscious choice to not be straddled with thoughts of expansion, and are more tiny than even a small business. They are the solopreneurs, freelancers and home business folks.

Heck, there’s No Harm in it, Right?

These individuals are either content with being microscopic or are too afraid to cross the line into delegation. Well, that is not entirely true. Some solopreneurs (and other humans with similar business models), will at times break that code. They have discovered how easy it is to get efficient help in the digital domain. There are several online work sites, where without having to commit long term to someone, you can have them do assignments for you.

Do You Really Want to Have to Look Over Someone Else’s Shoulder?

A warning though to all who pride themselves as being lone wolves in a dog eat dog world. Once you have someone else doing things for for you which means you don’t have to, it can become addictive. Whereas when you follow the “me, myself and I” credo, you can usually decide how much work you take on. This mean carving out extra time for yourself with none of worry that comes from having to look over someone else’s shoulder, who in turn looks over someone else’s shoulder, who in turn looks over someone else’s shoulder. And so on. And so forth. This can mean truly unplugging from work and enjoying your free time.

But Once You Pass Through the Magic Door…?

But wait, there is a catch, as there often is. What is it? As inflation rises and the dollar buys less, you may come to realize that you need to more ducats. But to achieve this you need to take on more work. Hmmm. Would it really be such a bad thing to take on more jobs but then have another freelancer or two handle them? Be very cautious now. Once you get a taste of the ease of getting someone else to do stuff for you, you may never go back to doing things solo.

Your Reality Shifts

Oh, and in closing, if there is a part of you that is thinking that if you delegate more, it can become a kind of machine that will run without your involvement? It’s a nice thought, but truth is, once you have employees, thing will never be the same again. You will not be able to go back to, in a true sense, taking time off.

What About those Early Days?

And you will remember those innocent solopreneur days, as being a much more happy life experience than the one you have now. The pursuit of getting more, can result in receiving less of a valuable thing.