As an ArtisticPreneur are You a “Businessperson who Became More Artistic,” or an “Artistic Person who Became More Businesslike,” and What Does this Have to Do with Starting an Awards Show?

Which One are You?

Most ArtisticPreneurs tend to be either an Artist who has learned to become entrepreneurial, or an entrepreneur, who generates art. One could make the case that entrepreneurism is, in and of itself, a quite creative process.

We bring this up to hopefully maintain your confidence in being an ArtisticPreneur regardless of what model you and your skills came out of.

We are more committed than ever to keeping you on your Doer Path!

Is Part of Being on Your Doer Path have Anything to Do with Starting an Awards Show?

We know that for many, this comes out of left field as a question. And truth be told, clearly most of us are either not motivated to, or do not see the reason for, starting a celebration where people get symbolic prizes for good stuff, they have done in this crazed world at the moment of the peaceful being bombed, inflation, gas prices, let alone, COVID.

Being a Volunteer is Important, but Starting an Awards Show?

Why are we talking about starting an awards show?

Our Experience of being a Part of the Start and Life of the Platinum PIAs Awards

As you may know, the Platinum PIAs started in 2010 and ran through to 2019 after 10 consecutive annual awards shows, both online and off. Something that many people do not know, is that the PIAs started quite by accident. A production company was working on a video docudrama and intended to have a premiere for it upon its completion. Still months more work to be done on the video project, a screening room was booked for a date that was anticipated to follow in time, right after the completion of the video.

A Surprise Twist (for Us Anyway)

A pivot was unexpectedly needed as the date of the screening room event got very close. The problem through was that the video was far from completion. In fact, as the editing process evolved, the video makers were not happy with what was gelling. Then a week passed. And another. And yet another. At this point the project was put on hold indefinitely. But there was a problem. The deposit for the screening room was nonrefundable, and many people had RSVP’d for the event. Thankfully, things had been pretty vague about the video and the happening in general.

A New Plan Out of Necessity

A new plan of what do with the screening room had to be thrown together and quickly. That is when a thought came to mind that was based on the history of the participants in the putting together of the video project in a holding pattern. They had started a few blogs dedicated to NYC communities, that later became a part of the Blog Coalition.

A Concept Began to Take Form

The idea that was being considered was to put together some kind of community event. Further thinking on the matter was that it would be great if a celebration could be created, recognizing those people, small businesses, artists and more who were active in their neighborhoods could be recognized for making a difference. Then it all came into focus. What better way to recognize the good work someone had done in their community than to have it happen withing the parameters of being an awards show! Hence the Platinum PIAs was born. PIA being an acronym of “People into Altruism.” In other words, individuals who gave hope to others in the pursuit of strong community. And those honored? You got it, “Businesspeople who are Artistic,” as well as “Artistic People who are businesslike!”