Is There an Alternative to Having to Buy Ads on Search Engines and Social Media Platforms?

Look, it is no mystery what targeted ads can do for a business to reach their best possible customer. As you likely know that material to track you and what you do goes much further than just the information you wrote in when you set up your account. Other ways they know what you like is by tracking the sites you visit. And so much more.

There it makes sense that if you are someone who has a business and wants to grow it, purchasing ads could be good for you in terms of a strategy. You can get very specific about who you are trying to reach and off you go. But herein lies the problem. Ads are very, very expensive and you have to compete for them.

And one of the biggest bad things is that it is a bit like using a slot machine in Vegas, chances are you are not even going to make your money back. You see, you have an idea of who your customer is, but maybe you are not 100% on target, because you might go looking for one group, while actually it is the group over there that are your future clients. And also like a Vegas you keep spending and spending, thinking it is about luck. And all this costs you, yes, you’ve got it, money.

But is there an alternative to have to purchase ads that can cost you dollars per single click? The short answer is no. That is the genius of the people who track your every move in so many ways. It would be scary for you if you knew even the half of it. Therefore ads, in theory, can in time connect you with the right audience. You then officially become a USA Online Business.

The longer answer regarding trying to beat the high cost of ads is “Well, kinda, sorta…” Not an answer the gives you confidence. Instead it is important to realize that there still lots of ways that you can create stuff and then promote it online for your customers to either get your products by snail mail, or if you are an expert and write short eBooks, the benefit is no shipping needed, because the customer can download it instantly.

There also is a level of creativity and intuition needed to make it the best it can be at getting you customers. And a big thing that will be coming soon is a way YOU can DIY (Do it Yourself) your marketing and more. This can save you tons of money, but can take up much of your time so if you are able, you might want to hire a consultant or a worker to put in the actual hours and you overseeing this person.

And the DIY or getting worker to follow step by step strategies could be just what you are looking for. Or at the very least might be something to explore. The founder of the new approach brings to the table a lot of experience including running a successful in the heart of Manhattan, NYC the most competitive city in the world, New York, New York and he is an extreme introvert!

Nothing ready to show you yet, but it should not be too long from now that we will start putting more information up about DIYdigi (Do it Yourself Digital) which in its early phases will be completely free for businesses negatively impacted by the Pandemic and other atrocities we have all had to face in the last few years.

Take care, we will see you again soon in one of the Blog Coalitions’ websites which as of writing this are 57 sites strong. So keep your eyes peeled for the next step. Take care. See you again soon!