Taking the Next Step

The ArtisticPreneur Meets the “Ask AI Guy”

The meeting between the ArtisticPreneur and the “Ask AI Guy” was not your typical bar conversation. The two delved into a discussion about the intersection between art and technology and how it has changed the creative industry. They discussed also how technology can help creatives and those with businesses, to handle their need for extra time in an effective manner, The strategy is known as to Delegate to AI. This approach is especially useful to someone who does not have the funds to hire a team. AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes your team.

The “Ask AI Guy” explained that he sees himself as an ArtisticPreneur because he believes that the future of art is heavily reliant on technology. As someone who is part human and part robo AI, he has a unique perspective on how technology can be used to enhance and innovate the creative process. He takes the Delegate to AI trend very seriously since it can help artists to free up their time to be able to focus on creativity. One time saver of the Delegate to AI Method is the book on AI Automated PR that the “Ask AI Guy” was working on.

The ArtisticPreneur was intrigued and asked the “Ask AI Guy” to elaborate on how technology has impacted the art world. The “Ask AI Guy” cited examples of how artificial intelligence is being used to create music, paintings, and even movies. He also explained how technology has made it easier for artists to collaborate with others from all around the world.

The conversation then turned to the topic of marketing and how it has evolved with the rise of technology. The “Ask AI Guy” shared his experience as a former magician, marketer and filmmaker and how he has seen the industry change over the years. He believes that technology has made marketing more accessible and allows for a more targeted approach. Also, the Ask AI Guy is writing a short book on AI daily for possible availability on the just started website Books on AI.

The ArtisticPreneur agreed, but also expressed concern about the potential downsides of technology in the creative industry. They discussed how automation could lead to a loss of jobs for artists and how the use of algorithms could stifle creativity.

The “Ask AI Guy” acknowledged these concerns but argued that technology could also create new opportunities for artists. He pointed out that the rise of digital platforms has made it easier for artists to distribute their work and connect with audiences.

As the conversation continued, the two discussed the importance of creativity in a world that is becoming increasingly automated. The ArtisticPreneur argued that creativity is what makes us human and that it is essential for the survival of the arts. The “Ask AI Guy” agreed, but also argued that technology can be used to enhance and amplify creativity.

In the end, the ArtisticPreneur and the “Ask AI Guy” agreed that the intersection between art and technology is a complex and multifaceted issue. While there are potential downsides, there are also numerous opportunities for innovation and growth. The two parted ways with a renewed appreciation for the power of creativity and a curiosity about what the future holds for the creative industry.