A Frustrating Secret

secret in heart
The secret is in our heart but that doesn’t keep it from being frustrating. We promise we’ll turn the key and open the door soon.


Searching for a Marketing Topic

This is actually our second attempt at writing this week’s newsletter and blog post. We started down the path of another concept, but when we reread it, it did not appeal to us. So here we are on a Thursday morning, the usual day for delivery as of late, and we’re still battling with deciding what to write about.

Appealing or Off Putting?

We don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but lately our focus has been to draw directly from the digital marketing projects we’re currently working on. And this edition is no different. The problem with the current topic we want to examine is that it is a “secret.” We know, that word is a double edged sword. It can be either be appealing or off putting. Frankly we usually opt with the latter.

Should We Open Pandora’s Box?

But in fact it is a secret. Why? Because we’re not sure yet we’re going this direction in the form of a new web page on the ArtisticPreneur.com website. Adding this page could mean a big change in the organization, but first it would have to be tested. We believe that there is a certain untapped market that we might open Pandora’s box for. Unfortunately the untapped market is a secret also.

We Hope You’re Not Losing Your Patience Too Much

You’re probably losing your patience with the whole “Secret” thing. We dislike it also and find it frustrating. But we truly cannot reveal what it is today and need to wait for next week, by which time hopefully the mystery of the market will be uncovered like a magician pulling a silk (magician’s term for foulard) away from the table to uncover that a new object has appeared from nowhere. Is this idea we’re thinking of doing coming from nowhere? No. Why? Because it’s founded in who we are and what we do.

Wrapping it Up

In closing, we promise next week won’t be so trying because we’ll reveal the new market even if we decide not to tap it. Additionally, the lesson we learned from writing this is that in the world of digital marketing sometimes you have to keep something secret even if you don’t want to.

Until then, all the best.