Mobile Friendly Aesthetic

Mobile Friendly Graphics for Web Pages

Due to the fact that more than 50% of website visitors view your site on their phones, we believe that it is important to have a mobile friendly aesthetic.

What is an M.F.A.? (Mobile Friendly Aesthetic)

This means large images, often collage style, interspersed with text. This makes sites more enjoyable for phone users because rather than just a wall of text, the user sees easy to view images nicely interspersed with the text.

Viewable on Any Device

And while being viewed on a computer or tablet, the large graphic aesthetic is impactful as well.

Mobile Friendly Graphics for Email Newsletters

We use the same mobile friendly aesthetic when creating email messages for clients as well.

Client’s Newsletter Layout Plan

Client’s logo is across the top. There is a captivating collage-style image underneath. This is followed by a brief to midrange amount of text.

The Use of Teasers

Additionally, there is the potential for the strategy to get visitors to click through to your site by ending the email with a teaser that prompts them to click and see the page that fulfills the teaser.