Artisticpreneur eBook Focus Group

Focus Group for Unpublished Business and Marketing eBooks

At, we are thankful for the effort of the head of the artisticpreneur focus group that is currently going on to get the reaction of artisticpreneurs to the as of yet unpublished Business and Marketing eBooks from “USA Make a Difference.”

Kind Words in Statement

Additionally, we thank the focus group head, who at the end of the testing of the group, wrote in statement seen below calling our site “…The most important website for ArtisticPreneurs.”

Focus Group Leader’s Statement

Here is the full statement made by her in regards to the reaction by artisticpreneurs to the as of yet unpublished business and marketing eBooks by “USA Make a Difference.”

Although not available publicly yet, “USA Make a Difference’s'” Business and Marking eBooks are the only ones that are specifically written for the unique needs of artisticpreneurs . And our recent poll of artisticpreneurs revealed that they are excited that these eBooks not only teach you how to do effective business promotions and cause marketing but are also very different than ones from other publishers. This is because the publishing organization “USA Make a Difference” is already widely known for wanting to make a difference in YOUR life so that YOU can make a difference in the lives of others. That same mission can be found reflected on the pages of their business and marketing eBooks. And even though the eBooks from “USA Make a Difference” are not yet available to the general public, they are the ONLY publisher to have the honor of receiving the “ArtisticPreneur Seal of Approval” by the most important website for ArtisticPreneurs,