ARTISTICpreneur or ARTISTpreneur? The Stamas Bros Weigh In on the Debate

Stamas Bros Photoshop Surfing
Stamas Bros Photoshop Surfing

If you’ve ever searched on a search engine for “ARTISTICpreneur” you may have been forced to read instead about “ARTISTpreneurs” since the result came up as something along the lines of “Showing results for ARTISTpreneur.” But wonder if you were only interested in seeing the results for “ARTISTICpreneur” and did not give a hoot about “ARTISTPreneur?” Well, they do give you the option to click on the phrase “Search instead for ARTISTICpreneur.” Sure, you could move your cursor over that choice and click, but why should you have to? And quite frankly the word “artistic” is more INCLUSIVE than the word “artist.” Plus “artistic” is 8 letters and “artist” is 6. Our guess is that if you were to take a poll regarding which number was liked better “8 or 6?” the numeral 8 would come up the winner every time. Why? Because an “8” is the symbol for infinity turned upright. And I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure infinity is bigger than 6.

So what can we do about this bias against ARTISTICpreneurs by ARTISTpreneurs? Our suggestion is that wherever you live in the world that you start a local chapter for “People Against The Misuse and Substitution Of ARTISTpreneur For ARTISTICpreneur” also known as P.A.T.M.A.S.O.A.F.A. To make your branch of P.A.T.M.A.S.O.A.F.A. official you should first contact the Stamas Bros who run the national and international branches of P.A.T.M.A.S.O.A.F.A. If they don’t get back to you right away it’s because they are in the middle of designing a t-shirt that has on it the phrase:

“I Fight For My Right to Proudly be an ARTISTICpreneur as Sanctioned by P.A.T.M.A.S.O.A.F.A. and it’s My Right Anyway.”

The reason that it’s taking the Stamas Bros so long to create the t-shirt is because they can’t figure out a way to make all those words legible on a shirt when standing over 35 feet away.