ArtisticPreneur “Secret” Revealed


Mystery to be Revealed

Sorry about being so mysterious last week. I try to create useful content for you, the ArtisticPreneur, drawing from actual digital projects that we are working on. And I have a superstition about not wanting to reveal something until it is up and running. But today I am going to break that rule to share something I’ve been putting time into.

Crucial to Determine for ArtisticPreneurs

It might not seem to be such a big deal, but it really is. I’m talking about knowing who your audience is. Who are the people who are most likely going to be appreciative of whatever you do? Whether you’re an artist of any kind or a business owner who is creative, it is crucial to identify your peeps so that you can get more customers, clients and fans.

What is YOUR Avatar?

I have to admit, I’ve been guilty about being too general regarding the demographic I’ve wanted to connect with. When working with others such as on this newsletter, I’ve always seen the “avatar” as being defined by one word. You guessed it: ArtisticPreneur.

Build Profile

Thinking about defining your intended group can be deceptive though. You may believe you are doing so, but are you getting the results you seek? Last week the thing that I was working on that I didn’t want to talk about was that I undertook building a profile of who I wanted to reach.

Can be Customized for YOUR Use

I am oh so grateful to you, a regular reader, for sticking with this weekly digital exploration. And please don’t take offense if the description of the audience that was uncovered by me is not you. Because it goes without saying that any strategies we reveal here can be custom applied to your needs.

Is There a Safe Path?

Okay, I’m getting ready to jump into the water. Before I get soaking wet though, I should explain how I landed on this particular collective of targeted humans. They say you need to look into the mirror once in a while. And when I did recently I saw starring back at me  a man who is creative and has had some major opportunities early in his career but never took them on and instead went down the safer path.

How are We the Same?

And the breakthrough that I had as I starred into the metaphorical looking glass, is that there are likely a lot of over folks out there, both female and male (or however you self identify), who I could understand very easily because we may, over the years, have experienced some of the same difficult decisions as well as pop culture and other elements.

Have You Had Any Lost Opportunities?

Now this doesn’t mean we’re going to transform this newsletter into one that is just for people over 50 who are creative and have had lost opportunities, but it does mean on occasion we may give you updates on how the project is going. So I leave you now with three words that are the key to the secret revealed: “Over 50 Creative.” Stay tuned. More to come.