Yianni Stamas Rallies Artisticpreneurs for December 18, which is International Migrants Day

The Pursuit of Serenity

As Artisticpreneurs is is important that we recognize the right to freedom that all have, especially today which is December 18’s International Migrant day. The United Nations reports that there are ever increasing amounts of migrants coming into our country and have decided to make December 18 International Migrants Day. This passage of coming to America is often due to the search for opportunities juxtaposing the pursuit of serenity from sometimes cold and terrifying experiences in their former country.

Entitlement of Being Free

International Migrants Day is so named because of the attempt to provide the strong protection of human rights due to the fact that all people are entitled to being free.

The Challenge of COVID-19

Even as workers and those coming into our country are starting their new lives, COVID-19 rears its ugly head making this migration even tougher.

Amazing Image Resources


And don’t forget to intersperse your five hundred words with images. For example, right now as we are typing this, we are already deciding on what our next image is. What would be an appropriate? So off we go right now is take a look at websites that give our pictures for free.

If you are not aware of such websites, the value you are about to get right now will simplify your search for visual representations because the sites we are about to mention are free! So, again, here is some pretty serious value if you are not already aware of the image websites we are about to state in the form of a short list. Here they are:

  1. com
  2. com
  3. Pixabay
  4. Unsplash

There you have it, our top secret list, secret because if too many people start using sites listed, we might end up having visitors that saw our pictures used by another. There are thousands upon thousands of images in these collections. So, let’s go to Pexels for example. The next section we are about to create has to do with “technology and creativity’”

So did you see the image we selected. It is a woman and a sign that consists of a lightbulb. A bit clique of a lightbulb being used to represent inspiration, but we went for it.

ArtisticPreneur Drive


Do you have the drive to be an ArtisticPreneur? It takes  a lot of drive to be successful as one because you aren’t just pursuing one dream that is difficult enough, but two: Artist and Entrepreneur.

Your Art and Making a Living

You should give yourself the ArtisticPreneur test. Ask yourself if just doing art is enough for you? Ask yourself if you don’t have the need for others to see your art? Ask yourself if you’re fine with making a living another way than your art?

Time is Running Out

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions given then you are okay with slacking off on the pressure. But if you reacted with a powerful “No,” then you had better get on it now because time is running out!

Our New eBook is Available Online

An Unwelcome “Hello”

In the middle of a Pandemic, who would have thought that would be when our eBook for magicians and mentalists would finally be published. It started out as an idea a short while before the Coronavirus reared it’s ugly head. And the timing was such that when we competed the original version “Invent Mentalism,” COVID-19 chimed in its unwelcome “Hello.”

Back to the Drawing Board

It didn’t make sense to release a book about performing magic and mentalism, when at the moment, because of social distancing, there weren’t going to be any audiences available. So we swiftly went back to the drawing board and added a new bonus section on alternative income streams available for prestidigitators with a leaning toward mental magic.

Success Was on Its Way

Our dream publisher accepted the eBook. They were who we very much wanted to work with. And happily, they most kindly started giving us their feedback on the writing of our eBook and its new sections. Then, after 5.5 drafts of our publication, they green lighted it for purchase on their website. In fact, up until we ultimately decided to take it off the market, it had ascended to #1 Marketing Author and #1 Marketing Hot List.

ArtisticPreneur Artists are Sticking Together

Artists Should Stick Together

Now that social distancing is in the works, it could be an experience that is lonely. But thankfully, due to modern technology, artists can stick together which is how ArtisticPreneur is able to continue.

The Collaborating Continues

We appreciate the input of all the wonderful creatives who are supportive of our mission. For example, even updating this website becomes a task that an artist can do. COVID-19 is still fully in motion so artists communicate through video means. This means that projects can continue to be updated in terms of those that involve collaboration. Thanks and a shoutout goes to USA HOW TO for orchestrating a bringing together of all artists subscribed to their newsletter.

The Mental Side of Becoming an ArtisticPreneur

Mental Process

The mental process of being a successful ArtisticPreneur is focusing on your positive attributes and not your negative ones. You should be aware of areas you may be lacking in, but don’t use this knowledge to beat yourself up, use it instead as a means of then seeking out the things that you need.

Parts of You Will Always Be Evolving

As hard as it is to do, if you compare yourself to other people you will not be happy. The ultimate goal is only compare yourself, to, well, yourself. Look at how you were creative in the past as compared to now. If you believe your past work was better than your current, surely there is something you are able to now that you do at a higher level than in the past.

Watch Out for Fear

Fear can be the enemy to creativity and can contribute to procrastination. For example, there are those creative people who see themselves as artists of one art form or another, but don’t picture themselves as having an apptitude for business. That’s why not everyone embraces the idea of being an ArtisticPreneur.

Become an Entrepreneur

In such a case you have two choices. Either amp up your business skills through YouTube, classes, mentorship (and more) and being versed in being an entrepreneur.


Another possiblity is getting management and maybe even an agent. It is tough when you are first starting on your creative path to do so. It’s a catch-22 where management will not look at you unless you are successful, whereas when you are first starting out you face the walls.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Another important thing is to take care of yourself in body, mind and spirit. Eat healthy (if you can) and get exercise.

Get Rid of Toxic People

If you have toxic and negative people in your life (this includes even your parents) get rid of them. Who needs them. They are a part of why you procrastinate and fill your head with self doubt.

You Have a Choice

The good news is you have choices about who is in your life as well as your artisticpreneurial work ethic.

Thanks for Your Input

Happy New Year ArtisticPreneurs. You gave use very helpful feedback and we thank you. Now the question: are Millennials in a fight against Gen-X-ers? Will Boomers sweep in and declare victory?

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

It’s New Year’s Eve, 20018 and one of the things we are thankful for while entering 2019 is YOU. Your input makes this blog better. Thanks to those ArtisticPreneurs who participated in conjunction with the request from last week. It’s like one big family here in ArtisticPreneurLand. You had some very good ideas which have been integrated. Now the question is, do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

This Week’s Tip

This week’s Digital Marketing Tip is that getting constructive feedback is very useful when working on creative projects. I highly recommend it. Why does it work? Because other people see things that you don’t do to the fact that you’re too attached. Maybe consider getting feedback on your current ArtisticPreneurial endeavors.

A New Page

If you want to see the new page that you helped to create then just go to ArtisticPreneur.com and click on the menu item called “Over50Creative.” Or another way to get there is to type Over50Creative.com into your browser and it will forward you to the page on the ArtisticPreneur.com site. This is the start of rolling out the “Over 50” project that we have under consideration. I didn’t know until I did the research that “Over 50” is a “thing.” But apparently a “thing” mostly in Long Island and parts of New Jersey. But a “thing” nonetheless. Why ist being over 50 not much of a “thing” here in Manhattan NY, NY?

Gen X Versus the Boomers

Gen X-ers (1961 – 1981) who are on the older side, are quick to let you know that they are Generation X not to be confused with those “Boomers.” And to make things even more tense, some people say the GX birth date range starts from 1961 and not 1965 so there is possibly an area that they overlap with the Boomer folks.

Returning to Your Original Creative Dream

What does this have to do with the “Over 50 Creatives?” The logic and theory is that those who are over 50 (in NJ and LI) may have been working at corporate jobs to make ends meet, but now that they are more comfortable and in their ‘50’s, it becomes the time to want to live out their original dream such as being writers, actors and musicians etc. Who knows, these individuals might have something very important artistically to contribute.

For Some, Entrepreneurship is an Ambition

This also goes for “Shark Tank” viewers who are over 5 decades old. Some people who are over 50 feel like they never got their shot at doing a small business. So now they will put on their entrepreneur hat or maybe even their ArtisticPreneur one.

You Go 50ish-ers

What do you think? Is there a group out there who are over the age of 50 and who now want to realize the artistic goals that they once had with themselves? And who knows, if this is the case, maybe some of these humans can give the Millennials (1982 – 2004) a run for their money and even set a good example for the up and coming Generation Z kids (1995 – 2015).

Enter “The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System”

The reason we’re exploring those who are over 50 is because we think that our new Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System, because of its ease of use, might be a good fit for them. We’ll see. Meanwhile, we hope that you have a wonderful 20019 and we look forward to many more collaborations!

Happy New Year and ArtisticPreneurially yours,


Prelaunch Insider Preview


Are you an “Over 50 Creative?”

I am. And even if you’re not, the following may still be of interest to you because it involves entertainment market research, informal in style. We’re calling it “Prelaunch Insider Preview” meaning you have an opportunity, if you so desire, to view a marketing campaign page in progress.

More Details About “Over 50 Creative”

Last week we promised to go into more detail regarding the topic “Over 50 Creative” so in this edition of the ArtisticPreneur.com Newsletter we are going to make good on our word.

Over 50 Crowd

If you’ve been following this story over the past few newsletters, we’re working on a project that involves the over 50 crowd. This is only a test. We’re not committing until we have evidence that pursuing this market is worth our time.

New Demographic?

What we haven’t disclosed until now is that we are exploring the possibility of an untapped market within the existing “Over 50” demographic.

Maintaining Secrecy

We’re not linking to the secret area where the test page is being created because we desire to maintain as much secrecy as possible until the official launch which has not yet been set. There is still much work to do.

Looking for Feedback

Therefore we’re asking that whoever is interested in taking a look at the page and giving us your feedback, please email us by hitting return and putting “Feedback” in the subject line. If you aren’t already a member of the newsletter, you can sign up here.


We’re especially interested in hearing back from those of you who wear the numeric digits “5” and “0” or higher.

Special Group

We will then email you back the URL so you can take a look. Of course, if you receive this newsletter you are a part of a pretty special group so chances are you’ve already figured out the URL anyway (as some already have). If so, if you’re willing, we’d still like to get your feedback.

Is it the Right Fit for Over 50?

Mainly what we’re interested in is if the new work in progress page does justice to 50-plus-ers, or if it seems too cheesy or might even be off putting to fifty somethings.

This Week’s Digital Marketing Tip

This week’s “Digital Marketing Tip” is that market research is a really important thing. And getting your feedback regarding the page is vital.

Thanks in advance if you do decide to participate.

All the best. And if not before, we’ll see you next year.


ArtisticPreneur “Secret” Revealed


Mystery to be Revealed

Sorry about being so mysterious last week. I try to create useful content for you, the ArtisticPreneur, drawing from actual digital projects that we are working on. And I have a superstition about not wanting to reveal something until it is up and running. But today I am going to break that rule to share something I’ve been putting time into.

Crucial to Determine for ArtisticPreneurs

It might not seem to be such a big deal, but it really is. I’m talking about knowing who your audience is. Who are the people who are most likely going to be appreciative of whatever you do? Whether you’re an artist of any kind or a business owner who is creative, it is crucial to identify your peeps so that you can get more customers, clients and fans.

What is YOUR Avatar?

I have to admit, I’ve been guilty about being too general regarding the demographic I’ve wanted to connect with. When working with others such as on this newsletter, I’ve always seen the “avatar” as being defined by one word. You guessed it: ArtisticPreneur.

Build Profile

Thinking about defining your intended group can be deceptive though. You may believe you are doing so, but are you getting the results you seek? Last week the thing that I was working on that I didn’t want to talk about was that I undertook building a profile of who I wanted to reach.

Can be Customized for YOUR Use

I am oh so grateful to you, a regular reader, for sticking with this weekly digital exploration. And please don’t take offense if the description of the audience that was uncovered by me is not you. Because it goes without saying that any strategies we reveal here can be custom applied to your needs.

Is There a Safe Path?

Okay, I’m getting ready to jump into the water. Before I get soaking wet though, I should explain how I landed on this particular collective of targeted humans. They say you need to look into the mirror once in a while. And when I did recently I saw starring back at me  a man who is creative and has had some major opportunities early in his career but never took them on and instead went down the safer path.

How are We the Same?

And the breakthrough that I had as I starred into the metaphorical looking glass, is that there are likely a lot of over folks out there, both female and male (or however you self identify), who I could understand very easily because we may, over the years, have experienced some of the same difficult decisions as well as pop culture and other elements.

Have You Had Any Lost Opportunities?

Now this doesn’t mean we’re going to transform this newsletter into one that is just for people over 50 who are creative and have had lost opportunities, but it does mean on occasion we may give you updates on how the project is going. So I leave you now with three words that are the key to the secret revealed: “Over 50 Creative.” Stay tuned. More to come.

Why is a web page popular?

Popularity Contest

Why is one page more popular than another page on the same website? This is a discussion we had the other day in “ArtisticPreneur Land.” We were wondering why (except for the homepage) was the “Coalition” page of the ArtisticPreneur.com website so well visited? Various folks from A.L. (ArtisticPreneur Land) came up with a plethora of different responses.

Sharing of Ideas

Some thought that it had to do with the name “Coalition” on the menu bar. The person who came up with that idea then hypothesized that there was possibly a general liking of the concept of “coalition.”

Another One Bites the Dust

This was swiftly shot down because it was pointed out that most of the visits came from search engines, and when finding the page on Google though long tail keywords, the user would see the full term that is being explored which is “Marketing Coalition.”

Could it Be S.E.O.?

Other thoughts thrown in included backlinks and various S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) tools. But in the end, no one really definitively knew why folks found “Marketing Coalition” so intriguing. Do you have any ideas why the “Web Coalition” page is viewed a lot?

Now it’s Your Turn

We’d love to hear from you. You can visit the page here. Let us know what you think by sending us an email via the one we use on our newsletter. And if you’re not yet signed up for our weekly newsletter please do so at https://artisticpreneur.com/newsletter/. You’ll also get an instantly downloadable PDF Digital Marketing eBook in the process! All those who are currently subscribed will not get an eBook through the form because the system knows you’re already on our list. Though, if you want your copy of the eBook please send us an email to the one we use for the newsletter and we’ll get one right out to you!

Thanks in advance and may all your web pages be popular!