Hats Off to Entertainment Entrepreneurship

ArtisticPreneurs now have more control than ever before. They certainly do when it comes to what pages we add as a website. Entertainment Entrepreneurship did a blog entry about this.

Our Hearts Warmed

Even though we don’t know the bloggers from Entertainment Entrepreneurship that well, our hearts were warmed when we just discovered that EntertainmentEntrepreneurship.com has done a post about our content adding strategy.

Site Building Strategy

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is correct when they talk about our blogging and content writing staff adding new topics to our site based on interest. This gauging of public interest is based mostly on feedback we receive from our contact page.

Listening to You

This means that YOU are in control. Let us know what you like thus far and we’ll try to add more of it. Our difficult to reach goal is based on the belief that together we can build a website that is worthy of our namesake, “ArtisticPreneur.”

Thanks Entertainment Entrepreneurship

And finally we wish to thank Entertainment Entrepreneurship for believing enough in us to do a blog entry about our creative process. It is only with support from sites like E.E. that we become inspired to continue.

A Shout-Out to the Bronx News NYC

Bronx News NYC
Meet a young woman who was recently featured in the New York Times in conjunction with a terrific event that she produced. Find out more below.

A Fantastic Publication

This is a shout-out to the Bronx News NYC who are doing a great job publicizing positive stories in the Bronx.

BNNYC has a New Story

Their latest story featured is that of Saraciea Fennell who recently produced an absolutely outstanding event called the Bronx Book Festival.

Featured in the New York Times

Saraciea was also recently featured in the New York Times. For a link to the NY Times article and more check out the Bronx News NYC right here.