One of the Most Challenging PROBLEMS that Small Business have is to find Customers, or as we like to put it FIND YOUR FANS as if by Magic. Which is Why We are Bringing in Houdini to start to Uncover the Key #2 of 10 So YOU Can Unlock the Secret to FIND YOUR FANS!

Houdini has the Magic METHOD HOW to Create Products and Services People Want

Whether you are an ArtisticPreneur or describe yourself as just an Entrepreneur, one of the most important things you can do for your business is to develop your products and services in such a way that you know in your gut they will help solve problems for other. This takes a bit of magic, so who better than the most famous magician ever, Harry Houdini who escaped from locks and chains. We do not want you to anymore feel as though business problems are like chains and instead help you escape the chains using the KEY to FIND YOUR FANS!

What is the Secret Tip to Climb to Step #2 of 10

What is needed to find your fans? Well the full answer is to be found in a Secret Strategy we are developing to do just that. We can’t speak about it in depth quite yet, but we also do not want to leave you in the lurch. And for this reason we are going to give you a tip to FIND YOUR FANS which we hope will be useful to you!

Below is Not the Full #2 of 10 Steps, But it Does Help You to Locate the KEY to FIND YOUR FANS

As we write this we are far from having having the strategy finished that we are currently calling METHOD HOW to Find the 10 Keys/Steps and then, Like Houdini, Unlock the Secrets so You Can FIND YOUR FANS!

Not a Full Step or Key of the 10, But is a Tip You Already Know but that Should Never be Forgotten

Again, this is not a full step or key to FIND YOUR FANS, but it is a tip, that although obvious, is a key to having happy customers and clients. What is this tip? It is to work hard to ensure that your products and services are of the highest possible value to those using them.

Example of Trying to Make Something of Value

A perfect example is what you are reading right now. The chances are that we might use some of this content as gratitude bonuses for those who get the strategy known as FIND YOUR FANS. But because the use of strategies in this manner, some have said to us is “ahead of its time,” just makes us even more worried than we already are!

This is Not Rocket Science and We Have Not Discovered the Next Technology that Will Go Beyond the Internet, We’re Simply Creating a Strategy We Hope You Will Find Interesting and Maybe Get a Tidbit of Something You Can Use for Your Business or One You are Developing! Especially Business negatively impacted by COVID and want to give the strategies a spin. At no cost of course.

P.S. In the end this is really about a problem that needs to be solved for small business owners who are having a hard time of it due to having business that were oriented to in-person interaction rather than virtually. There are a couple of solutions. Maybe the strategies we are developing will be helpful, though we do not yet know. Another is for small businesses that rely on being in-person with customers, consider working transforming some of it to digital. Or if that is not possible, maybe there are related products that could be available online with an eCommerce approach?

The Meaning of Change in Marketing

You marketing and technology can be used to help get messages out. It is good to be careful with this so you are choosing as your charity work organizations that are aligned with the belief systems of many.


Exploring Change

Last time we posted, we did a section on DIYdigi solutions for your company or career so that you can get more business and customers, as well as keep the ones you already have.

This time around we are going to explore change and how it can be harnessed for marketing. Let’s take a look at a quote from Gandhi that you’ve probably heard before:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi

In marketing and in business one can interpret what he is saying as it applies to marketing strategies and and technology. We have access to this incredible tool and should be using this tool (s) for good. Studies have shown that people who are involved in work that makes a difference are more happy than people who just exist to work to make money with no meaning associated.


You should live for what is worth dying for and leverage social media and other forms of marketing to make a difference in both your physical community and your online one. This proves that you can love what you do, make a difference and make money too!