Celebify Explores What it Means to be an ArtisticPreneur

Celebfy very recently did a blog post about ArtisticPreneur.com. We think they did a good job in that they covered one of the most important concepts in the ArtisticPreneur arsenal.

Celebify Does an Article About ArtisticPreneur.com

This just in, one of our favorite blogs, “Celebify,” just came out with a post about ArtisticPreneur.com as seen on this page. Unfortunately we did not receive the interview request soon enough to send someone from our artist collective to be interviewed. Though, if you read the article, it seems as though they were able to get one of our students to speak on our behalf.

How We Feel About the Blog Post

We like the article because it because it covers an area of becoming successful as an ArtisticPreneur that we think is very important: taking a lot of little steps to then be able to do a big one. We always tell any ArtisticPreneur who works with us that you have to be careful when setting your goals neither too high or too low. Your goal must be achievable and if it is a major goal then be sure to break it down into several sub-goals.

Final Thoughts

In our program you do one sub-goal every month in conjunction with that month’s Digital Marketing Campaign. This is a point clearly explained in the current Celebify entry.