RECOGNIZE Others (and maybe even yourself) with the Community Campaigners and Platinum PIAs that Together Recognize ArtisticPreneurs

The Recognition of Good Deeds in the Community Since 2010

RECOGNIZE others? Yes. It’s important to recognize the good deeds of others, but it’s also important to recognize our own good deeds. That’s why we created the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show that’s been recognizing ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference since 2010. And recently the Platinum PIAs Awards themselves were recognized by the Community Campaigners.

Community Campaigns for those Making a Difference

The Community Campaigners will campaign for you by spotlighting the good work that you’re for your community. If you ask members of the Marketing Coalition, they’ll tell you that marketing and doing good, are not necessarily mutually exclusive. That’s why we feel it’s the right thing to do to set a good example. So, if an artist or a creative small business owner is making a difference, the Marketing Campaigners are going to put their spotlight on them.