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Get to Know Your Audience

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

More than ever knowing who your audience is and how to reach them is as important as ever. In this, the digital age, there should no longer be the wasteful spending of the old guard of marketing and a newer and fresher approach should be used instead. That is what we are going to discuss in this current blog and newsletter offering.

Save Yourself Time, Aggravation and Even Money

To start out with, think of it this way. Have you been considering lately what marketing approach is going to be best for you? If so, stop thinking about the tools and contemplate instead WHO is YOUR audience. Until you are clear on this inside and out all the marketing gadgets in the world are not going to help you.

A Great Tool

Do your research before you start paying for marketing. There are a lot of great tools out there including Google! Google what you know thus far about your audience and follow through on searches leading you to other ones and more. The idea is to not just understand who your GENERAL audience is but your SPECIFIC one.

A Source of Research

Once you get a handle on your audience, dig still deeper. Look at what your competition is doing in terms of targeting their audience. If you see strategies that resonate with you, consider integrating them in your own way. Remember, in the end it’s all about how YOU are DIFFERENT from the rest. What is your competitive advantage? Why would a customer, client or fan want to go with you rather than another?

Who Are They?

If you want to do what pro marketers do, then create a profile of who your ideal client is. Put in as much information as possible into it in a way that is going to be helpful to you. What is their age? Their hobbies? Their belief systems? And so on.

Keep Learning

And the great thing is that as you get clearer on your ultimate customer, as well as applying relevant and well fitting marketing, you will begin to get actual clients. As you get clients, analyze who they are. Are they from your perfect audience? Maybe not, which likely means you are going to want to update your profile.

The Journey

In short, finding your perfect audience and marketing to them is a long and ongoing journey filled with learning and even fun!