What is an ArtisticPreneur?

According to Celebify.com the definition of an ArtisticPreneur is that it’s either a small business owner who is creative or an artist of any kind who is inspired by entrepreneurship. But the definition doesn’t stop there. It turns out that there are 11, that’s right, 11 different kinds of ArtisticPreneurs. Which one are you? Don’t know? Thankfully there is quiz on this website for finding out your Emoji ArtisticPreneur Type (E.A.T.) You can go to the quiz here or stay on this page for more FAQ.

What are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools and what do they do for you, the ArtisticPreneur?

Your Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools include (1) Blogging, (2) Creative Consulting, (3) Digital Downloading (must be Inc or Sole Proprietorship), (4) Email Marketing, (5) Online Analyzing, (6) Quiz Creating, (7) SEO Maximizing, (8) Video Producing, (9) Web Designing and (10) Web Hosting. What do they do? They work together in a Package, along with your Monthly Program and Strategic Plan, to get you more new customers, clients and fans as well as keep the ones you already have. It works if you work it!

How come none of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools consist of social media?

It is assumed that you, as an ArtisticPreneur, already have started some social media accounts. And the great news is that your existing social media accounts in conjunction with your Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools will work well together to get you results!

What is a Package?

A package is an assortment of powerful ArtisticPreneur friendly Digital Marketing Tools. Each bundle varies in terms of power depending on how many tools total are in a particular package. The 3 packages types are Professional, Midrange and Emerging. The Professional package is the most powerful followed by the Midrange which is less powerful and finally the Emerging which is the least powerful.

What is Your Monthly Program?

The ArtisticPreneur.com Monthly Programs were designed with the ArtisticPreneurs in mind to do regular updates of your tools to ensure their effectiveness. There are 3 types of programs that, just like the packages, are named Professional, Midrange and Emerging. These Monthly Programs are a way to refresh your Digital Marketing Tools (such as updating your website) at least once a month so that you can reach your ArtisticPreneurial and promotional goals.

What is Your Strategic Plan?

The meaning of the term “Strategic Plan” in the context of ArtisticPreneur.com is that it is a customized method of getting results. We develop the Strategic Plan together which utilizes your Digital Marketing Tools from your specific Package. This, along with updates via your Monthly Program, helps you to get you more new customers, clients and fans, as well as to keep the ones you already have.

Why aren’t just a website and social media enough these days as a Digital Marketing strategy?

In the beginning, search engines were kinder to websites than they are today. Subsequently at present it is getting harder and harder to rank first page for valuable keywords. Similarly, when some of the now most popular social media sites were started, they too made it easier to reach a broad audience. But currently they also are restricting your reach. So why are both search engines and social media sites seemingly trying to limit how many people you can get your message out to? Some say it is because they want to sell you ads as a solution. Thankfully your Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools are your first line of defense.

How come ArtisticPreneur.com is called both a blog and a system?

The reason is that ArtisticPreneur.com is a BLOG that was created by ArtisticPreneurs for ArtisticPreneurs. And in much the same way, the SYSTEM that was designed to help ArtisticPreneurs with their businesses and careers was also devised by ArtisticPreneurs. Hence it made sense to have the domain name ArtisticPreneur.com to stand for both a BLOG and a SYSTEM. It also makes it easier for you the ArtisticPreneur to remember that ArtisticPreneur.com is your blog and system solution to get more new customers, clients and fans as well as keep the ones you have!

What is ArtisticPreneur.com’s competitive difference?

ArtisticPreneur’s secret sauce is having a long history in the entertainment world working with well known actors on collaborative projects as well as helping them to become even more successful through artist marketing. In fact, ArtisticPreneur.com’s founder, in his prior business called VideoFilmWeb, developed a company that was one of New York City’s most respected resources for demo reels, audition taping and other actor services. The client roster consisted of faces that you’d recognize from Film, TV and the Broadway Stage. The company also had as video production and education clients some of New York’s most prestigious arts organizations. This experience in conjunction with our entertainment edge can empower YOU because there’s no business that’s NOT in show business!

How can I find out more about ArtisticPreneur.com and what’s in it for me?

The easiest way to find out more about ArtisticPreneur.com and what’s in it for you is to subscribe to our newsletter.