How to Digitally Transform as an ArtisticPreneur

Creativity is Key

Are you an Artisticpreneur? Are you someone who is very creative as well as has a home business that they oversee? This could mean that you are an ArtisticPreneur. Even more so if your product is creative in some manner.

Who Are You and What is Your Business?

You are seeking someone who is exactly right for your business so that they will buy from you. Or you are looking for an individual who will at least subscribe to your newsletter so that they can be converted to customers down the line.

Looking for the “Right Fit.”

Seeking positive outcomes can be a very confusing and seemingly futile thing for a businessperson just starting out in online marketing, let alone if you are very experienced in your industry but still cannot figure out how to be more successful. And if using the hit and miss conventional approach, you can end up trying keyword after keyword with no success. And the scary thing is, you are paying for all this research to find the right online visitor. Tremendous amounts of money can be gone through trying to discover the “right fit.”
Will You Weather the Storm?

Examining Your Revenue Model

It can be a painful and scary process seeking out customers for your small business, especially with the turbulence we are experiencing in the USA today. Questions arise such as how will you weather the storm, especially for those who have businesses that can only bring in revenue through meeting in person?

Can You Add Digital Components?

The businesses that have done the best in our current period of uncertainty, are companies that can do their marketing and delivery predominately online. It is recommended that to survive, those factions that rely on being in the same room as client, figure out a way to “digitally transform” their enterprise, adding at least one or more digital components.