If It’s Good Enough for Bill Gates


You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is King” meaning that the words and their structure as well as how images are labeled has an impact on you getting ranked on search engines for certain keywords. But do you know how the term first appeared? It turns out that Bill Gates, known for starting Microsoft wrote a report in 1996 entitled, you guessed it – “Content is King.” Here’s what he had to say about the future of the web way back in ’96:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

And here we are today doing exactly what Bill Gates predicted. Which brings us to our digital marketing tip for this week which is that “writing is rewriting” and therefore to not be afraid to rewrite and add pictures and words to your existing pages. In other words, words can evolve (pun intended). An example of this is on this very website. Our “Collective” page has evolved into being a “Marketing Coalition” one.

We did this because we wanted to add to the page our “Top 10 Reasons for Working Together.” And since our page’s extension had been changed from “collective” to “marketing coalition” we deleted the old collective page and forwarded it to the new one. This is because we knew the page has been indexed by Google and we didn’t want the search engine links to go to a 404. So now the page automatically forwards from “collective” to “marketing coalition.”

Sorry for getting a bit technical there, but the main point intended is that as you upgrade content, even if you want to rename a page, there are the tools to do it! Meanwhile our new page is ranking even better than our prior one, so content really is king!


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