Income Streams for Creatives

Income Streams for Creatives of All Kinds
Income Streams for Creatives of All Kinds

Art Gush’s latest weekly course is #6 of 6 of the series “How to Make Money as an Artist: Income Streams for Creatives of All Kinds.” This current course takes a look at the freelancer approach as well as contains details on starting a membership website. As an exclusive blog reader and/or member of Art Gush we are bringing you the highlights of this new entry on our blog.

Becoming an online freelancer and providing services that relate to your art form can be a terrific income stream. All aspects of providing the service can be done on the web so you can be a freelancer from any part of the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Another wonderful income stream for artisticpreneurs is starting a membership site that relates to what you do creatively. The thing that is ideal about creating a membership site is that it provides a passive income. Web surfers find your site on the internet and sign up for it without you having to raise a finger. You can sell online individual courses as well as the membership plan which gives the user access to all the installments collectively.

Next week we are going to take a look at a special topic for artisticpreneurs: “How to Get New Customers.” This means attracting fresh clients, customers and fans with ease. Whether you are selling a creative service or your online artistic goods, you aren’t going to want to miss this one.

And now let’s explore the bullet point synopsis of the 6th and final installment of the “How to Make Money as an Artist” Art Gush series.

• Curb you desire to make your idea into a corporation right away.
• Test you idea that is for a business that is related to your art form.
• If you have a useful art related solution to a problem, you will eventually start to make money with the idea and this is when you can incorporate.
• Another way you can make money as an artist is to offer your services that relate to your art on freelance sites.
• The great thing about freelance sites is that they often have their own traffic.
• But you should still focus on getting your own traffic as well.
• On the freelance site you advertise a service that is available for a fee.
• Services for which you can charge a fee include a writer doing writing services, a musician could do beats and music tracks, a filmmaker could do video editing and so forth.
• The key here is to figure out things you can do that relate to your art and can be delivered digitally for a fee.
• Whether we like it or not we live in an age where reviews do exist.
• When doing digital services make sure to communicate clearly with your online client so that when they review you they give you a good review.
• Be sure to share through your website the good reviews you get.
• Another way to make money as an artist is to create a creative membership site.
• This idea is related to doing online education, but the difference is that you charge a monthly fee and provide the user access to a large number of courses that you have created or have gotten someone else to create.
• There are many programs that will allow you to do this online. Check search engines to find them.
• You can still sell the courses separately but the motivation for someone to join your membership site is that she or he will have access to ALL of the courses on the site for a much better value than if she or he was to purchase the courses one at a time.
• Before building a membership site test the idea on friends and by checking forums.
• Once you are equipped with research data in the affirmative, proceed!
• Regarding building your membership site you should do an extensive search for the program that is just right for you.
• For example WordPress has membership plugins.
• To start your membership site take a look online at all the possible vendors. These days you can usually do a monthly fee with a company that will supply you with a template based site.