MARKET Yourself with the Marketing Coalition


Reasons for Choosing to Be an ArtisticPreneur that is a “Total 10.”

Reasons include that you get empowered, we’re different from others, you get an entertainment edge, social media is not enough, The Marketing Coalition System, work directly with your freelancer, work with us entirely online, low cost setup fee for packages, affordable monthly maintenance programs and the fact that you’ll get what’s just right for you. Marketing Coalition is a coalition of digital marketer freelancers who’s passion it is to not only help you get new clients, but also to feature you in monthly campaigns that show you making a difference in your community.

Work with Us Entirely Online!

Regardless of where you are in the world, Marketing Coalition can work with you via email. Through a collaborative process we will work closely with you to open the doorway to the outcome you want and need. It works if you work it!