Mission and Vision

The mission of the website ArtisticPreneur.com is simple and straight forward. It is to make no cost digital marketing eBooks available to artists of all kinds as well as business owners who are creative, so that they can easily implement the marketing that they need to succeed with their artistic as well as entrepreneurial vision.

Our vision begins with the intent that through the ArtisticPreneur.com Online Community Campaign Process you will receive recognition as an artist, entertainer and small business owner for the important work you’re doing in your community and/or globally.

The ArtisticPreneur.com vision is also that through our collaborations with you we will be able together to participate in creating a culture of the Arts that is hopeful.

Our vision continues with the belief that given today’s extreme challenges, ArtisticPreneurs like you who are having an impact are needed now more than ever.

Ultimately our vision is that we hope to change the world for the better one ArtisticPreneur.com Online Community Campaign at a time.

And each year since 2010 we further recognize ArtisticPreneurs like you who are committed to not spreading the fear. This is done through the annual Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show that is both a live and online event.