Monetize Your Life

Income Generating

My brother Mark, who is a website and marketing guy like I am, calls it: “Monetizing Your Life.” It’s roughly described as being the act of taking the elements of your existence and converting them into a way of creating income.

All it takes is Motivation

In a certain sense this relates to living your life in a state of reality-based TV, except all your dramatic moments become a products or services. Clearly someone with a web marketing process background is probably best suited for this, but in truth it can be done by anyone who is self-aware and motivated.

If Kim can Do It So Can YOU

Why would anyone want to turn their drama into consumer problems to be solved for which you offer the solution, for a price? In theory it could be an interesting lifestyle that you might enjoy. And there are examples of people who do this such as Kim Kardashian and other reality stars with their lifestyle brands.

Problems Become Solutions

But if you are interested in monetizing your life you don’t have to do it like reality stars do. You can turn your problems into solutions for others in the form of eBooks.

Bundle Your Conflicts

Ebooks are easy to create and sell online, and there is a big market for them. If you wanted to do this as a monetizing your life process, this would involve taking every conflict that comes up in your life and making something concrete out of it to put out there as a PDF for others to purchase. But the key is to do so quickly! Like this blog/newsletter post you are reading that was written in less than a half an hour!

Who Would Have Thought Selfies Could Become “Ka-ching?”

Why would anyone in her or his right mind want to do this? It could be fun especially if you’re the kind of individual who puts every last bit of her or his being on Facebook complete with selfies and hyped up descriptions of “exciting” things that happen to you.

Giving the People What They Want

Simply take those impulses and make eBooks out of them that solve a problem for the consumer. You can still put your selfies online in the form of photos or video, but now you do it with something that folks can buy.

Anyone Out There Who is Doing This?

If you monetize your life we’re very interested in talking to you. Please send details to Meanwhile, even if you don’t, why not give it a whirl? Worst case scenario you might end up with an eBook that doesn’t sell, but heck, in that instance you can contact me (simply hit “reply” if you’re reading this as a newsletter) or Mark (at Off Media) to assist you in marketing (MARKeting) it!