Hello dear ArtisticPreneur. We added this “Museum” page to your ArtisticPreneur website because we are reimagining your site as an online museum where the menu options are the exhibits and the content (including writing and images) are the substitution for paintings and sculptures.

Why am I doing this? Because back when I was graduate student getting my Master’s Degree in Arts Administration, I took on the project of showing that a museum can succeed as an online-only experience and be successful at developing new audiences.

Feel Free to Join Us in this Creative Experiment

Being implementing is a creative experience. By scrolling down and reading the notes about NYCMFA, you will eventually reach the entrance to the museum. And once inside you’ll see exhibits (menu options) that contain works (writing and images) that will be beneficial to your ArtisticPreneurial business or career.


Those of you who have been here in the past, are returning because you are in search of a passageway into being able to do effective digital marketing. Many of you are discovering that social media alone just isn’t cutting it.

You are on the Threshold of Entering this Museum…But Something is in Your Way

We apologize that your Tour Guide is running late. Waiting for your guide is vital for you to do because only a guide can help you to pass through this solid brick wall that is blocking your business or career from being as successful as it could be.

What’s Inside this Museum?

Oh good, your tour guide finally showed up. Hold on a second. It turns out that it is not your tour guide. Rather, it is a guide for the other people (above) you were waiting with.

This is their second time visiting so they’ve already gotten their Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools. Since they are a step ahead of you in the timeline, they’ve been assigned to a higher level of guide than yours.

And Now You Finally Enter the Door with the Help of YOUR Tour Guide

Yes, at long last you are safely inside the New York City Museum for ArtisticPreneurs.

Social Media is Great but it Needs a Bit More

Now there’s nothing wrong with social media, it has its use and place. But utilizing it as your ONLY solution isn’t getting the job done.

Step in Further

The further you step in, the closer you get to what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t Matter How You Are Connecting with Us

All that matters is that you not be afraid of success.

Entrepreneurs are Artistic and Artists Are Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the kind of ArtisticPreneur you are, you will find your promotional answers here.

This is the Place Where Your Creativity Can Flourish in Business

Your creativity is your greatest asset when it comes to your ArtisticPreneurial ventures.

But What if You are Already Using Social Media?

The good news is that if you are already using social media platforms, our digital tools will mesh nicely with them. You’ll receive education through one of our digital tool oriented offerings (which is Creative Consulting) to make sure your internet marketing arsenal is unified.

Know Your ArtisticPreneur Type

As we’ve established, if you are a business owner who is creative or an artist of any kind who wants to learn more about business, this means that you are one of the two main types of ArtisticPreneurs that we serve in this museum.

But Wait, there’s More – Which of the 11 are You?

On the museum wall of NYCMFA is a modern art piece of 11 emojis. If you are an ArtisticPreneur then one of these emojis represents the kind of ArtisticPreneur you are. But what’s the point of knowing your ArtisticPreneurial emoji type?

Seek Thy Emoji and Know Thy Self

There is a no cost exhibit in this museum that consists of an automatic quiz where, after answering just a few questions, you’ll be empowered through discovering the ArtisticPrenerial emoji category that’s most like you which gives you greater self insight.

The ArtisticPreneur Quiz

If you wish, you can go to the quiz page. It’s easy, free and enjoyable as well as for some, even humorous.

Or, if you prefer, you can take the quiz later and right now continue with us on this museum tour. More low and no cost exhibits are coming your way right now so please continue to scroll down!

Blog Publicity for ArtisticPreneurs Like You

And that’s not all because now featured is an exhibit designed just for you that is an Interactive Publicity Generating Process with the participation of several blogs.

If you qualify as an expert who has knowledge that is useful for ArtisticPreneurs, you will be considered for doing a blog interview or to be featured as a guest blogger. This will help you position yourself as an expert.

The Online Museum Environment Makes Achieving Your Goals Much More Easy

Think you can’t do it? Think again. You CAN do it! What’s getting in your way? The next exhibit will help you work through this in a fun and easy way. What’s standing in your way?

Anyone Out there Worried that they May Have Digital Marketing Anxiety?

There are still a few more free exhibits. For example there’s one that gives you guidelines on how to cope with anxiety brought about through the thought of doing digital marketing.

Will it Tickle Your Funny Bone?

Another free experience in this online museum is named by just one word: “Funny.” Whether you actually find “Funny” humorous or not is entirely up to you. WARNING: “Fun” ends with a manic and hypnotic pitch.

Are You Professional or Midrange or Emerging?

Your digital marketing tools are custom created based on whatever level you are currently at in in terms of your ArtisticPreneurial career or business.