Prelaunch Insider Preview


Are you an “Over 50 Creative?”

I am. And even if you’re not, the following may still be of interest to you because it involves entertainment market research, informal in style. We’re calling it “Prelaunch Insider Preview” meaning you have an opportunity, if you so desire, to view a marketing campaign page in progress.

More Details About “Over 50 Creative”

Last week we promised to go into more detail regarding the topic “Over 50 Creative” so in this edition of the Newsletter we are going to make good on our word.

Over 50 Crowd

If you’ve been following this story over the past few newsletters, we’re working on a project that involves the over 50 crowd. This is only a test. We’re not committing until we have evidence that pursuing this market is worth our time.

New Demographic?

What we haven’t disclosed until now is that we are exploring the possibility of an untapped market within the existing “Over 50” demographic.

Maintaining Secrecy

We’re not linking to the secret area where the test page is being created because we desire to maintain as much secrecy as possible until the official launch which has not yet been set. There is still much work to do.

Looking for Feedback

Therefore we’re asking that whoever is interested in taking a look at the page and giving us your feedback, please email us by hitting return and putting “Feedback” in the subject line. If you aren’t already a member of the newsletter, you can sign up here.


We’re especially interested in hearing back from those of you who wear the numeric digits “5” and “0” or higher.

Special Group

We will then email you back the URL so you can take a look. Of course, if you receive this newsletter you are a part of a pretty special group so chances are you’ve already figured out the URL anyway (as some already have). If so, if you’re willing, we’d still like to get your feedback.

Is it the Right Fit for Over 50?

Mainly what we’re interested in is if the new work in progress page does justice to 50-plus-ers, or if it seems too cheesy or might even be off putting to fifty somethings.

This Week’s Digital Marketing Tip

This week’s “Digital Marketing Tip” is that market research is a really important thing. And getting your feedback regarding the page is vital.

Thanks in advance if you do decide to participate.

All the best. And if not before, we’ll see you next year.