Share Your Creative Process

Be Willing to Share

Yes, there are large ArtisticPreneurial changes in the house! The site figuratively moved to a much higher place this past week in terms of serving you, the ArtisticPreneur. There are changes on the surface as well as below the surface and they all come together in the form of one great big concept. This concept is “Sharing your work-in-progress process.” This notion also corresponds with the digital marketing tip for this week which is the suggestion to “Be willing to share your work-in-progress process.”

What Does “Media” Really Mean?

Digital marketing is a part of this idea in that when you are willing to share your work-in-progress process, it is going to be most effective if you use media to document it. The word “Media” in this era of social, tends to connote to the average listener that you mean social media. Social media can certainly be a part of it, but what the word really means is “Media” as in the press, and “Media” as in different mediums (psychics excluded pun intended).

A Domain that Takes You Places

Last week we put into action this week’s tip and suggestion to “Be willing to share your work-in-progress process” We did so by taking a major leap of faith with the website. And here, right now, we are willingly sharing our work-in-progress process. There are three major things that we did in conjunction with the site. The first is changing the menu names. The second is creating new content. And the third is registering domains to take the user directly to a specific page in on the site.

Too Many Words

There’s actually lot’s more left to share, but it is going to have to wait until next week.

The Takeaway

The takeaway here in regards to the tip is that when you’re willing to share your work-in-progress process, people will listen. As humans we love stories so please tell yours!