Thanks for Your Input

Happy New Year ArtisticPreneurs. You gave use very helpful feedback and we thank you. Now the question: are Millennials in a fight against Gen-X-ers? Will Boomers sweep in and declare victory?

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

It’s New Year’s Eve, 20018 and one of the things we are thankful for while entering 2019 is YOU. Your input makes this blog better. Thanks to those ArtisticPreneurs who participated in conjunction with the request from last week. It’s like one big family here in ArtisticPreneurLand. You had some very good ideas which have been integrated. Now the question is, do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

This Week’s Tip

This week’s Digital Marketing Tip is that getting constructive feedback is very useful when working on creative projects. I highly recommend it. Why does it work? Because other people see things that you don’t do to the fact that you’re too attached. Maybe consider getting feedback on your current ArtisticPreneurial endeavors.

A New Page

If you want to see the new page that you helped to create then just go to and click on the menu item called “Over50Creative.” Or another way to get there is to type into your browser and it will forward you to the page on the site. This is the start of rolling out the “Over 50” project that we have under consideration. I didn’t know until I did the research that “Over 50” is a “thing.” But apparently a “thing” mostly in Long Island and parts of New Jersey. But a “thing” nonetheless. Why ist being over 50 not much of a “thing” here in Manhattan NY, NY?

Gen X Versus the Boomers

Gen X-ers (1961 – 1981) who are on the older side, are quick to let you know that they are Generation X not to be confused with those “Boomers.” And to make things even more tense, some people say the GX birth date range starts from 1961 and not 1965 so there is possibly an area that they overlap with the Boomer folks.

Returning to Your Original Creative Dream

What does this have to do with the “Over 50 Creatives?” The logic and theory is that those who are over 50 (in NJ and LI) may have been working at corporate jobs to make ends meet, but now that they are more comfortable and in their ‘50’s, it becomes the time to want to live out their original dream such as being writers, actors and musicians etc. Who knows, these individuals might have something very important artistically to contribute.

For Some, Entrepreneurship is an Ambition

This also goes for “Shark Tank” viewers who are over 5 decades old. Some people who are over 50 feel like they never got their shot at doing a small business. So now they will put on their entrepreneur hat or maybe even their ArtisticPreneur one.

You Go 50ish-ers

What do you think? Is there a group out there who are over the age of 50 and who now want to realize the artistic goals that they once had with themselves? And who knows, if this is the case, maybe some of these humans can give the Millennials (1982 – 2004) a run for their money and even set a good example for the up and coming Generation Z kids (1995 – 2015).

Enter “The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System”

The reason we’re exploring those who are over 50 is because we think that our new Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools System, because of its ease of use, might be a good fit for them. We’ll see. Meanwhile, we hope that you have a wonderful 20019 and we look forward to many more collaborations!

Happy New Year and ArtisticPreneurially yours,