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Tip on Publicity


The Publicity Tip is to Get to Know Bloggers

Getting publicity is easier than you think. Of course, everyone knows that if you want to get blog publicity it’s a good idea to get to know bloggers. Makes sense, right? But it’s not that simple. Or is it? All it takes to test the waters is to shoot an email to the blogger or find her or him on social media. Only contact people whose blogs you honestly like then tell them how much you enjoy their work. Sometimes it’s good to be bold and to straight out let them know that you’ve written an article that is on the same topic that they blog about. In short, you are offering to be a guest blogger.

 ArtisticPreneur and the Publicity Alliance

 One of the departments of the Collective is known as the, a URL that forwards to a page on the website. Publicity Alliance consists of an alliance of publicist bloggers who blog on several different websites including itself. The Publicity Alliance prides itself on its mission and commitment to help advance the ArtisticPreneurial “movement and cause” by building visibility for ArtisticPreneurs, especially those who are making a difference in their communities and even the world.

 How Can Receiving Publicity Lead to an Awards Nomination?

 It is an unspoken truth that folks who appear in the pages of the broadcast partners of Publicity Alliance are often on the short list for being nominated for the Annual Platinum PIAs. The PIAs is a community awards show for artisticPreneurs that since 2010 has been recognizing ArtisticPreneurs who are community builders as well as people of inspiration just like you.

 So get to know a blogger today!