Too Many Hats?

Too Many Hats for the ArtisticPreneur?
Wearing too many hats as an ArtisticPreneur is a little like eating too much ice cream. One flavor is maybe all you need, but too many flavors can lead to a stomach ache.

One of the founders of the Email Newsletter is John Yianni Stamas also known simply as “Yianni Stamas”. In a recent blog entry found in there is the exploration of a problem that has long plagued John/Yianni. This malady is that of wearing too many hats. Maybe you can relate?


Multi-Hats-Itis can strike anyone who is enthusiastic and passionate about all facets of the arts as well as about other skills to learn including media. It stems from a curiosity of all things creative that fast escalates into a lack of focus and therefore never really results in the full completion of anything.

Jack of All Trades

Although it is never mentioned in the recent Stamas blog post, the cliche may hold true: “Jack of all trades, master of none.” An interesting side note on this phrase is that it was originally meant as a compliment. And in its complete form was “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Creative Career Arc

M.H.I. can severely impact in a negative way a career in the arts. If you are still early in your creative career arc, take heed. You really have nothing to gain by having a finger in everything and possibly everything to lose. Of course there’s the flip side to all of this which is known as being a “renaissance man” though this is a rare occurrence.

Too Many Hats?

But I digress. Let’s go now to the post in progress to see if you agree with J/Y’s assessment of the life he’s lead up to this point. Is it a life well lived or a cautionary tale of…Too many hats?!

The Many Hats of Yianni Stamas – Can You Relate?