Want to Become a Billionaire?


One of the Things that America is all About

If you are starting the venture of making a billion dollars being started from a position of not having that big of an income, all the better. Initially earning your first 20-dollar bills is going to be exciting, so just envision yourself upping that amount up and up again. That is what America is all about!

Focus on Your Practice

Earning a billion dollars is likely what drew you here, and as you can see thus far we are showing you a variety of different kinds of practices to make the process the most likely to pan out for you.

Be Unique

In the beginning you are likely to find the process of making a billion dollars a bit hit and miss. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa.

Find What Works

Before we move forward though, let’s take a close look at your actual goals. Some of this we have already gone over earlier in this eBook, but that is the nature of making billions, you often need to do what works over and over and over again.

Truly Believe

It is a big leap from the coveted six-figure salary to one that contains 8, 9. 10 or even 11 figures. As you may be a aware Forbs Magazine releases a list of the top earners. If you are not already doing so, this list can be a great way to get a feel for what you are up against. But what are you going to do to make your first billion? Believe in yourself and then go for it!

Your Ascent

Making a billion dollars today is much different (and yet the same) as it was 100 years ago. With the rise of technology, we now have different ways of making money. For example, a virtually new one on the scene is the internet. So for many in pursuit of the big bucks, doing an online business makes sense. Case in point Jeff Bezos, chairman and CEO of Amazon for which he is the founder. Then there is Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook. But don’t forget, it takes time to make billions so don’t get discouraged if your financial ascent is not immediately forthcoming.

Long Term

For example, it took Bezos 9 years with Amazon before it even made a profit!