What Does BigFoot Zombie Really Want?

Celebify BigFoot Zombie
This is one of the most famous photos of BigFoot Zombie (formerly known as just BigFoot pre “Walking Dead”). Is it possible to further celebify BigFoot Zombie in relation to his new career direction? Please read this post and form your own opinion.

Is it Possible to Celebify Any Kind of Being?

Getting to the bottom of what BigFoot Zombie really wants is something best left to the creators of the website BigFootZombie.com of which we are big fans. BigFootZombie.com claims that BigFoot Zombie wants to become a rock star.

Ownership of Our Digital Domain for Success

The path to become a rock star is something right up our alley since we work with artists of all kinds and small businesses who want more customers, clients and fans.

We weren’t Asked for Our Advice Regarding the Mythical Monster’s Singing Ambitions

We weren’t consulted regarding giving advice to the furry guy to achieve his pop music dream, but we found that the consultants who were spoken to had insights worth considering.

It’s Engaging Tongue Firmly in Cheek Fare

Can you relate? Would you like to be on the world stage vocalizing your heart out? Or maybe you’re a business who could benefit from tunes oriented publicity? Either way we think you’ll find this BFZ post to be interesting and delightful as a recreational  read.