Why is a web page popular?

Popularity Contest

Why is one page more popular than another page on the same website? This is a discussion we had the other day in “ArtisticPreneur Land.” We were wondering why (except for the homepage) was the “Coalition” page of the ArtisticPreneur.com website so well visited? Various folks from A.L. (ArtisticPreneur Land) came up with a plethora of different responses.

Sharing of Ideas

Some thought that it had to do with the name “Coalition” on the menu bar. The person who came up with that idea then hypothesized that there was possibly a general liking of the concept of “coalition.”

Another One Bites the Dust

This was swiftly shot down because it was pointed out that most of the visits came from search engines, and when finding the page on Google though long tail keywords, the user would see the full term that is being explored which is “Marketing Coalition.”

Could it Be S.E.O.?

Other thoughts thrown in included backlinks and various S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) tools. But in the end, no one really definitively knew why folks found “Marketing Coalition” so intriguing. Do you have any ideas why the “Web Coalition” page is viewed a lot?

Now it’s Your Turn

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