ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website

ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website is Now a Website

The big news is that ArtisticPreneur is more than just a description of someone who is artistic as well as is an entrepreneur. It’s also the name of a website. But then, if you are reading this, you already know this information since you are currently on the ArtisticPreneur site.

The idea of becoming an ArtisticPreneur has long been a popular topic with our NYC Create newsletter subscribers, so we decided to make a website about it. is in its very early phases but already will host the latest NYC Create blog entry that coincides with the latest newsletter installment.

In this blog entry/newsletter, we will take a look at video as a means for those wanting yet another income stream for their career as an artist (including musicians, writers, filmmakers, actors etc).

One way that you can use video for your career as an ArtisticPrenuer is to become a YouTuber. If you enjoy being on camera this could be a natural for you. The topic of becoming a YouTuber plus other areas of interest are explored in the current bullet point section of the blog entry found below. This is part 2 of 6 of the “How to Make Money as an Artist” series.

• Last week we used education to make money as an artist. This week we’re continuing the process, this time utilizing video. You can create video classes and upload them to your online educational site.
• When uploading be sure to create an image that goes along with the entry.
• Plan out your next video.
• If you haven’t already, please set up your online education site. When your student purchases the premade courses it is an automated process to pay for and receive your courses. It’s literally a way for an artist to make money in her or his sleep.
• If you are unable to get a digital camcorder, you can always use your cell phone.
• Speaking of filming, begin to plan out your vlogging career, if you so desire.
• Making money with YouTube. If you are an outgoing kind of a person or even an introvert who isn’t shy of the camera, you can be a vlogger. A vlog is much like a blog except with video, you will be documenting your life or your creative process.
• The idea is that if you develop a large enough audience, you can create yet another income stream which is getting paid for showing commercials.
• Map out a series of videos you would like to make.
• Initially you should make many many videos because the more videos you make the more popular your show will be because YouTube will start including you in their searches.
• Because increasing viewership is a goal, it’s a good idea to create videos that have keywords that people will search for.
• You can enter these keywords when you upload your videos.
• It is important to realize that as a YouTuber you make money based on how many times a promotion is run before your video. In order to make money this way you need to have followers in the thousands so it takes a while to get this up and running.
• Meanwhile be sure to create content that helps promote you as an artist.
• Figure out ways to engage with your audience such as asking them to answer questions in the comments section.
• Using your video network to get people to purchase merchandise can be yet another great income stream. Thus far you have education, ad revenue and now on demand merchandise.
• A useful strategy is to ask your fans or clients what kind of merchandising that would interest them.
• Take the feedback you receive when creating your “on demand” products.
• For a visual artist “on demand” is a natural, but it can work for artists of all kinds as well, where t-shirts and other items such as bags etc. are offered for sale with your picture on them.
• Continually get feedback from your fans and clients regarding what they want.
• Consider setting up an e-commerce section of your website.

The Time is Now for Artist Empowerment

How to Make Money as an Artist
How to Make Money as an Artist

It seems counterintuitive that artists – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – would spend a considerable amount of time learning their craft but very little time educating themselves about business and marketing. Well, the time is now for artist empowerment and that’s what ArtisticPreneur is all about. This publication is committed to showing you ways that you can succeed as an artist. For example, there is a new series on the NYC Create website that is exploring ways that an artist can make money through education. Stories like these are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect when reading the ArtisticPreneur blog.